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What is the faggot state? An ecstatic blissed-out and erotic state of mind, body and spirit in which a creature is willing to do anything and is capable of doing so.

What is a faggot? A special, privileged and rare creature that looks human and can achieve the faggot state.

Beyond happiness, beyond fulfillment, and beyond satisfaction, bliss is an integrated emotional, visceral state where distraction is absent. Everyone is capable of bliss yet few can ever achieve it, even momentarily. Our minds get in the way.

Beyond ordinary bliss, however, that everyone is capable of, in a responsible, demanding Owner’s control, the faggot creature additionally releases all inhibitions and restraint until it is so erotically charged with the radiant desire to obey that the body becomes flush. With all internal restraint absent, there is no consciousness that remembers that some things are impossible.

Without the mentality of being limited, anything ordered is an additional blissful reward that grows with the fulfilment of each order. The difficult becomes ordinary, and the impossible becomes possible.

Humans are proud of knowing what their limits are. Humans take pride in the control they think they have and the restraint they exercise. Humans feel honored to be recognized as creatures that know what is possible and what isn’t possible. Therefore, humans are incapable of the faggot state.

So, there are these creatures sometimes called “faggot” because they aren’t allowed agenda and are expected to only please the humans that direct and care for them. By any name, through responsible ownership, they can achieve an exclusive, enviable state of being that humans can only dream of experiencing partially, at best.

This is not some unusual, difficult state for a faggot to achieve. The state can be induced with as little effort as grabbing its collar chain with the right intention. All training and development prepares it for the mind space from which its authenticity is available. Once achieved, faggot space is a natural and desirable place to be.

Even the most derisive reference to “faggot” implies a creature that obeys mankind and is expected to please, and be used for pleasure. When that’s the truth, it is very difficult to object or take offense. Only our desire to preserve a selfishly defined self image can cause objection. Words can’t hurt us unless we have something to fear from what we’re trying to hide or protect.

Socially elevated positions like “queen” and “princess” are regularly used with derision. Any role can be demeaned through tone and intention. Given a few minutes notice, I could find thousands who would object to any of the words we regularly use here and in our communities. Words like “masochist”, “sadist”, “S/M”, “submissive”, “boy” applied to an adult, “boi” and even “top” and “bottom” are offensive to many. If we limit our discussions to the common understanding of each of the words we use, and we use no words that are offensive to anyone, we are left with nothing but a series of blank pages. There would even be objection to that.

We’re not trying to change society, and we’re not trying to change each other. Unlike the societal expectation that everyone become the same, our objective here is to make sure no one here will ever to be like anyone else. There is no reason to expect consensus when that isn’t even allowed. What we can do, is pick and choose what is true to define ourselves in ways that we already know are not going to be like most in the world.

For those that are really lucky, they will get to appropriately be called “faggot”, and live having experiences exclusive to themselves that the rest of us can only envy. We should all be so lucky!


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