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BORN SLAVES are a family of real, legitimate, consensual, highly developed and dedicated men and women who have accepted what is arguably one of the world's highest spiritual callings. Their purpose is to obey the Owner of whom they are a part, and therefrom serve the world in extraordinary ways.

An Owner is one who obeys, and who holds the best interest of the slaves as His paramount and unwavering objective. Obeying the one who obeys qualifies a slave to accept the Owner's body, mind and spirt as its own, as the ultimate gift of purpose. By fate, a slave's ultimate meaning was given to another so the humility, honesty, gratitude, trust and faith required to be a slave creature would be assured.

BORN slaves develop through the power of SM. In obedience, they learn to invite and experience whatever life delivers. The result is their relinquished attachment to the ego, a requirement to achieve destiny. A BORNSLAVE is qualified to live the unique, individual role for which it was created.

BIRTH of slaves occurs in a highly spiritual moment during which they accept the purpose of and personal connection to their authentic selves through The Owner, and abandon the petty, egotistic claims previously held to the body they live in, the mind they think with, and the spirit that defines what they are. slaves at BIRTH become a part of a set of individuals who collectively are one being. slave development is the personal experience of this as Truth. Only after all reality and truth which affect a slave have been personally experienced is BIRTH, and BORN slavery, achieved. Nothing is accepted on the Owner's word, or that of any other.

BORN SLAVES populate an authentic group to whom every man and woman is invited to belong. Each is a member of a worldwide village on whom each other depends. Candidates are those who are hungry for things that are real, and spiritual, serious and important. Candidates are those who feel a lifelong need to obey, and only from that obedience, to love, respect, and to serve. Candidates are those who are willing to let life be fun, no matter what happens.

All slaves are created and then genetically birthed to be slave, or they are not. Knowing you want to be a doctor doesn't qualify you to be one. Knowing you want to be a slave doesn't make you a slave. Being a doctor or a slave is not a decision. It is a process of empowered qualification. Potential slaves are ready to begin slave development after they already have strong values and leadership, feel respected and successful. A slave completes its development and is BORN when it can release all egotistic need to understand, and live the paradox of slavery as the ultimate freedom.

BORN SLAVES are a growing, evolving family of those who have been destined since birth to be a slave. Its members are those who are just waking up to consider and explore their destiny, their slavery, those who have committed to the precise path their life must take at the craftsman's hand of their Owner to mold and build their slavery like a steel sword, and those who have already accepted that destiny and begun their real lives.

This is a path of humility, not arrogance. This is a place that celebrates achievement, and is devoid of ego. This is a family that demands excellence, and doesn't accept excuses. It is a place of the ultimate freedom to be what each is created to be, different and distinct from all others. It is a life of individualized greatness. It is a life ofobedience, and of nothing else.

Please join us. Learn who we are. Let us answer your questions, and help you know what we have already learned the hard way. Explore with us who you are. No one created is any better or any worse than any other. All people are distinguished only by how true they are to themselves. Contact whoever you think can help you best. Our life depends on helping yours, without judgement or criticism. The Yahoo group is intended as a virtual community hall where we can all learn from each other. Take advantage of the diverse, serious men and women, Owners/Master and slaves in a safe moderated environment.

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The Owner. The one who obeys, to pass his orders to those he develops and makes slave. His path includes the path of others who are part of him. 14 years in traditional Master/slave relationships where he learned the spiritual component of destiny was missing, and accepted his own destined role. With His only freedom to be who He is, His job is to craft those created to be a part of Him.

Know the owner, and you know His slaves. His job is to help each determine whether or not they were created to be slave, take the raw material that each potential slave gives, and then mold, weld, shape, temper, and strengthen it, until each is loving, strong and obedient enough to be slave. Finally, it is His work to manage each's slavery forever.

SlaveMaster resides in Las Vegas, Nevada. Finding those who are His slave is as important to Him as it is for His slaves to find Him. An open invitation exists to any who who feel or are trying to determine if being owned is what their life is meant to be about.



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slave peter


Professional Re-birther and Massage Therapist. Seeker of destiny from the abandoned sex of the 70's, through an 11 year relationship, loss of a lover and other of life's hard experiences, then to India Ashrams.

Being crazy is his charm. Being friend is his gift. Clear that being slave is who he is, and that helping others with their lives his purpose. His expertise is knowing what the ego can do to stop our lives from the happiness we deserve.


SlaveMaster's #5

slave david


Artist, and new generation explorer. Active member on the slave boys' network. Followed the pathway of chemical reality to its logical conclusion. Intellectual, and intense, friendly, and strong advocate of what he believes in. Expert in the difficulty of surrendering what we understand for the experience of what we know.


SlaveMaster's #6

slave jim


Professional lecturer and spiritual director from a Christian background with experience as a Jesuit. he both contributed to and is a product of the gay leadership movement of the 70's and alternative consciousness of the 80's & 90's. Articulate and intuitive, loving and kind, he has a story to explain each of his many life experiences.


SlaveMaster's #7

slave jim


Educator and musician. City bred in Los Angeles and San Francisco. Discovered authentic living in the desert. Friend of what is natural and honest. Never was a friend of the ego. Has always known that obedience is what is normal and that finding new ways every day to be obedient is what life is about and what gives it meaning.