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Recipe For slaves

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I discovered a recipe that works after going through failures and life events that I wouldn’t wish on My worst enemy. Ultimately those events became the response to a life-long prayer to know who I am. The use of that recipe has resulted in seven products, one of which monitors this group from the background of the experience of having been BORN of that recipe.

I personally learned early in life that life is very stingy with Me when I don’t share what I am given. As a result, I have committed tremendous resource to sharing through dozens and dozens of weekend events, interviews, meetings, writings, emails and other processes, in addition to thousands of hours of slave-development time and investment in this group.

The recipe I discovered attracted the attention of spiritualists who have spent time with Me at their request and I have developed the semantics of My experience from their vocabulary. The alternative was to develop My own language and semantic dictionary with which to communicate.

I have absolutely no investment in whether or not anyone else accepts My recipe, since it is a gift. I am neither offended nor concerned when a gift is not accepted and I, therefore, am not willing to defend the giving while I am committed to fully answering any serious inquiry about the nature or use of the recipe. There is no need to defend it. It is a recipe. All are free to try it themselves and examine it from their own experience, and are encouraged to do so. My defense of it won’t change the outcome.

The recipe works, by scientific method review and analysis in its being repeatable and predictable, in addition to being useful. It works like any good recipe. I didn’t intellectually decide what the recipe should be. I spent more than 15 years testing the recipe with failure until I discovered what finally yielded results.

The confidence with which it is discussed isn’t from caring whether or not others accept it. The confidence comes from the certainty that the evidence has produced. If I stated, “In my humble opinion you might hurt yourself if you steer your car into oncoming traffic at tremendous high speed.” I would be lying to you, and putting your life at risk. I am even more certain of the BORN slaves process than I am of the impact of collisions because I have more evidence and more experience with BORN slaves than I do with traffic collisions.

Whether or not anyone else has ever personally used the recipe and observed the results doesn’t change it into a “philosophy”. Whether or not the name of the ingredients was borrowed from names given them by others or described using new names doesn’t make them the elements of philosophy. I have put effort into using the most common semantics only so the ingredients would be recognizable. That’s the purpose of language. If anyone would like to use different words or different names to identify the ingredients, nothing would be changed, and you should feel free to do just that.

Often questions arise regarding the use of the recipe. I attempt to answer those questions using beliefs that already exist within the questioner’s life and frame of reference. Sometimes the questions about being stuck stem from difficulty reconciling current experience. Since experience doesn’t have words, having semantics in common with the questioner serves to facilitate, but it is a mistake to substitute the semantic for the process.

I’m reminded of what happened on one of the occasions when Caroline Myss, a Medical Intuitive, was invited to the Oprah show. A lady in the audience complained of chronic disease. From the stage Caroline diagnosed a potentially life threatening disease located between the left ear and the jaw. Oprah later arranged a follow up program to which she invited the same audience back. Many reported that Caroline’s diagnosis had been perfect and expressed tremendous gratitude. When Oprah asked the lady if she had received the necessary medical help to cure the disease, the lady responded, “No, I didn’t go to the doctor because I didn’t like Caroline’s definition of spirit.” Oprah was first aghast, and then angry. Caroline quietly understood that’s how people arrange to remain stuck, and certainly didn’t waste the audience’s time defending her use of the word “spirit” because it obviously had nothing to do with the cure.

If we were discussing a recipe for the making of fudge instead of the making of slaves, all the same considerations would apply. If you don’t like the word I use for sugar, use another. If you don’t want to try the fudge, don’t. If you want to use the recipe, see what happens. There is nothing to intellectually philosophize or argue. My job here is to only make clear what the ingredients are, how they are used and combined, and explain the failed results you can expect when you leave any of the ingredients out. Many have already discovered the same or are willing to share the frustrations when attempting to do so, and hence the discussions within this group. Don’t like fudge? Try something else.

Bon Apetit!

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