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The purpose of the group is defined by the splash page for the group. There are some basic assumptions made there that are not explicit, and expressing those assumptions might help clarify why we exist as a group.

First, slavery is a destiny. Those of you with a formal background in spirituality already recognize the basic characteristics common both to slavery as it is explored here in the group and to any other destiny. Partially, destiny is the pursuit of life with the assumption and expectation that we each, individually, can achieve a gift to the world that is unduplicated throughout time because of our uniqueness.

Second, we have no means to change our destiny. Each of us has the capacity to explore, to discover, to accept, and to develop our destiny, but it can never be damaged nor altered. From this assumption grows the conclusion that our fetishes are, in fact, normal, essential, and integral to our life. We consider either that we are pathological, and need to be cured, or that we are blessed and need to use those blessings. These two conclusions, being diametrically the opposite, cannot both simultaneously be true.

Third, we recognize that without change there is no growth, and that, therefore, arguments that keep everything the same are futile. Only that which changes belief, perspective, our thoughts, and finally our resulting actions are of any value to adult spiritual life. Everything else is egotistic entertainment.

Fourth, the ego is the enemy of adult spiritual life. Every argument for being considerate, compliant, and agreeable defends the continuing importance and status of the ego that we must each acquire and experience prior to adult spiritual life but which must be discarded to be succesful. When “Divine Logic” replaces human logic, we are ready to experience destiny, which is the experience of a world of Divine Logic to the categorical rejection of human logic. Making the transition from the human logical world to the Divine logical world is what becoming spiritually adult is all about.

Fifth, without human logic, consummate honesty and obedience must be present. While living in the egotistic phase of life, we play God through the decision about what every other person should experience. We determine, through egotistic ordination, how everyone should feel, what the result of every word and action will be and what is best for everyone else in world in which we come into contact. When replaced with Spiritual Maturity, we act from a place of certainty, without the comforting effect of egotistic, human logical confirmation.

Sixth, when acting from within the world of Divine Logic, connected through obedience, our actions always have the effect that the Divine intends, without our egotistic understanding of what that purpose or plan is. When we let the Divine do what is Divine, things like determining what experiences each creature needs to grow and develop to finally be able to serve the Divine and implement IT’s plan, we are free of all consequences of our actions because those actions were directed by the Divine in the first place, which is the whole purpose of becoming obedient.

Seventh, obedience is absolutely different from agreement and from compliance. Agreement is an egotistic exercise in which we compare, through an arrogant assumption that with our superior intellect we grasp all Universal considerations, and decide to accept what was given to us as an order. Compliance is an egotistic tally of how many times we conclude either we or someone else has matched our expectation of how the execution of a stated rule has been satisfied. Compliance is a mathematical exercise performed by the ego without consideration of anything except the “letter of the law”. Obedience is a matching of the will of another, without burden of agreement or compliance.

Eighth, the result of all action taken from obedient certainty, is always the right result. For anyone claiming to be interested in growth, such actions must challenge the egotistic assumptions that prevent our progress toward destiny. Otherwise, all effort will only further cement our egotistic patterns.

Ninth, the only purpose for becoming spiritually mature is to become enabled to contribute in the most significant way to the world. Every talent, interest, and insight, is only useful when performed from obedience which directs how, where and when to most effectively use them. When life is only about others and our development is about producing that effect, we’re pursuing destiny. If life is still about us, we’re still developing egotistically and perceiving everything from that.

Tenth, the biggest, most solid prison we can put out lives into is caring what other people think. Worse than trying to do what pleases others, we inauthentically reproduce what has happened in the past that successfully gave us positive confirmation. Freedom of action can only occur when obedience is our only guide, and our happiness comes from knowing our actions didn’t come from us.


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