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Bornslavery is the pursuit of slavery and of Ownership as a legitimate and spiritual destiny.

Being authentic is simply being what we were created to be. What philosophy or spiritual context within which that is measured doesn’t matter. When the context is legitimate, the measurement of what is authentic consistently yields the same result.

The assumption in Bornslavery is that the slave is authentically a slave and the Owner is authentically an Owner. When that is true, every activity that develops the nature of each is satisfying. Sex always provides pleasure. The ability to have pleasure from having sex doesn’t, therefore, measure what is authentic for us.

A slave is in an Owner’s life to provide opportunity for an Owner to develop authentically. Likewise, an Owner is in a slave’s life to direct and empower the development of the slave into its created, its natural purpose.

When someone is authentically an Owner, providing the development and evolution of the slave will provide satisfaction and pleasure as the by-product result of performing the slave development practices for which the Owner is designed. When someone is authentically a slave, all of life’s rewards, including happiness, come as a result of obeying, in accordance with its created nature.

It is impossible to force ourselves, or anyone else, into being authentic if what we’re attempting is to make someone to be different from what they’re created to be. No one can be randomly picked off the street and have it declared “You are Owner”, or “you are slave.” Neither can we declare ourselves to be either Owner or slave. Our created nature is immutable. We can accept or ignore our real nature, but it cannot be changed.

Every Bornslavery discussion is about the discovery of what is and isn’t authentic. Life requires us to pursue life’s adventures for the purpose of discovering who we are. Whoever we find ourselves to be authentically is neither right nor wrong. Some philosophies measure the quality of our lives only by whether or not we accept who we are, how well we develop who and what we are, and how completely we implement who we are meant to be into the world. Some call the failure to be who we are created to be, “sin”. Many measure success by our potential to experience true happiness through the use of the methods we have chosen to employ to achieve being authentic. We either pursue our selfish interests or our created purpose. That is the real “life choice” and exercise of “free will”.

When an Owner isn’t authentically an Owner, or a slave isn’t authentically a slave, performing the actions of an Owner or slave won’t be fulfilling, nor would they be expected to be. It isn’t any particular activity that is, in itself, fulfilling. It is how consistent what we do is with who we are that makes out activities fulfilling.

Living an authentic life isn’t about what we do, but is about why we do it. A satisfying life, isn’t the result of a controlled pursuit of satisfaction, but is the by-product of being authentic and living motivated by doing what is consistent with our created nature.



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