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The basic purpose and premise of Bornslaves is growth into being authentic, both for the Owner and for the slave. The slave’s nature is first and foremost to obey, and an Owner’s nature demands having sufficient trust in the slave that it can function as an integral part of the Owner.

Growth is change, therefore the use of chastity isn’t a static rule but is, instead, another of an Owner’s dynamic tools to provide the changes necessary to induce, empower, and promote the slave’s growth. Judgement, driven by a clean and clear objective to fulfill an Owner’s destined tasks and created nature, is the guiding principle which determines when chastity is used and when it is not.

What is right is only right for “right now”. Everything that works in this moment can become the worst that could be done in the next moment. Likewise, what is “wrong” now, could be an enlightened and inspired process in the immediate future. The whole point of an Owner’s evolution is to know with certainty, in every moment, what to prescribe. Holding artificially onto what was “right” even a few moments ago can be failure. What an Owner commands is an order, not a rule. Owners continue to order only those practices that are continually reaffirmed to contribute to slave development and the Owner’s own personal growth.

The trust in a slave, that an Owner’s nature demands, is measured by whether or not the Owner can bet his life that every order issued will be faithfully and passionately fulfilled. A chastity command, issued with the knowledge that the command is stronger than any physical device, confirms an Owner’s trust and gives the slave the opportunity to show it is trustworthy.

Obeying a chastity command is a slave’s gift, and its act of love. Every order gives a slave the same opportunity to gift its Owner while also building the required trust an Owner must have in his slave. However, as we remember from other discussions, a slave’s responsibility is only for the willingness to obey. The ability to obey is the Owner’s responsibility. Therefore, the device-free chastity order can be given too early. If a slave’s ability to obey hasn’t been sufficiently developed to equal its willingness to obey, the slave is being set up for failure. Proper development of a slave requires having no memory of ever having failed to obey.

The ability to obey is achieved through the physical SM and other techniques used for slave development. All obedience-building techniques only work when performed within an environment of trust the slave has developed in its Owner. That trust environment is created when an Owner never fails to fulfill any of his responsibilities for the slave. It is the Owner’s history of matching all orders with commensurate responsibility for the consequences of those orders that builds the trust needed to provide a slave with the required ability to obey. The trust history has to exist before sufficient obedience can be expected.

Every action an Owner takes that limits a slave’s ability to disobey is a gift from the Owner. When a slave is placed in bondage, the freedom to disobey is removed. Since a slave always wants to obey, the freedom created by the devices and equipment an Owner uses makes it very easy for the slave to obey. Chastity devices remove all freedom to disobey the “chastity order”. The chastity device is a gift from an Owner, and must be seen as a gift by the slave to provide development. Every process we use to develop a slave must be seen as a gift. If it isn’t, we are using that process too early, or for a purpose other than development. Using any process or technique for a purpose other than development has the potential to retard slave development.

An Owner must ask, “Is the slave ready to see all slave development as a gift?”, “Does the slave have sufficient reason to trust and depend on My responsibility as an Owner so that it is capable of the obedience I demand?”, “Have I adequately trained My slave with physical SM and other processes to empower it to obey?”, “Am I using chastity for the purpose of developing and empowering My slave?”

Another consideration is the pride of connection that a slave can feel from wearing its Owner’s device. A chastity device, like a collar, belongs to the Owner, in the same way the slave belongs to the Owner. Physically demonstrating to the world the Ownership and associated control a slave has gifted to its Owner through obedience can be a tremendous source of pride, self esteem and identity. This occurs only when a slave is emotionally at a stage of development that makes it true.

When the objective is Bornslavery, every decision an Owner makes is based on whether or not the order contributes to the slave’s development. The order to wear a chastity device, an order to practice chastity without a device, or an order to not practice any form of chastity are all equally as potent and powerful, depending on the slave’s current stage of evolution. Whatever the order, it will be effective only for so long as it is effective. Only an Owner’s clean and clear judgment can determine what order is “right” and decide when it is no longer contributing to development.



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