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Moral Certainty

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Another dead end in life is trying to understand moral certainty before it has been experienced. Trying to make comparisons to other human reactions is misleading and can prevent our doing what must be done to find moral certainty. There are no short cuts, and understanding is a deep hole where no light is shed on the process.

"Moral Certainty" is an order, and not a feeling at all. There is no appearance of being either "right" or "wrong" or "good" or "bad" since those are egotistic conclusions of morality. Moral certainty is not related to having "epiphanies", "insight”, or “enlightenment”. And certainly, how it "appears" to us or others has no relevance at all.

Moral certainty is a sense of knowing "This must be done!" without logic, without understanding, without reason, and without any supportive feeling. We might actually feel bad about it, because it is the ego which is feeling, not the spirit. Moral certainty doesn't care how we feel, nor does it inquire. Moral certainty often occurs when what we're doing looks wrong, feels bad, is absurd and illogical, indefensible and eclectic. To ask what is "moral certainty" is to never have experienced it. When experienced, moral certainty cannot be confused with or compared to anything else. Moral certainty directs us where all egotistic resources are impotent and ineffective. Moral certainty is a direct implementation of what the Universe wants. There is no concern for what we want included. What we “want” is useful only during the part of life that prepares us for moral certainty.

What's sad is that all the common egotistic rhetoric is what prevents our search for a replacement to reason. What I can guarantee is that happiness will never be found in the mind's rhetoric. The whole point of BornSlavery is that it is spiritual and it won't and cannot follow the psychological, religious, or logical tenets of life. What is authentic is a replacement, not a clever combination of all these things.

Growth occurs only when we incorporate and integrate our experiences, not when we discuss our understandings. I've often referred to "understanding" as being like the sound of swirling marbles in a can. Those swirling marbles serve the same purpose and have the same value in our lives as understanding. If the mind could reason to the "Truth" we wouldn't need to live our lives at all. We could put some "roots" on our brains for nutrition and spend our lifetime merely thinking. We are more than our brains, and aren't our brains at all!

What guides us in life has nothing to do with Truth. Does a violinist play violin because it is "True"? Does a conductor pick music based on its Truth? Yet, each is drawn to do in life what s/he needs because of the draw the instrument or the sound has, and that leads to useful experience.

Without logic, without understanding and without the egotistic test of “Truth”, we are led through life, meeting the people we should meet, putting effort into what requires our effort, failing at most things, and succeeding at other things. If it makes “sense”, it probably isn’t the right thing to do. What the ego thinks is right is what feels safe. The spirit thinks just the opposite.

Obedience is a blank check written against upcoming experience. When our lives are full of “blank checks” each will be filled out with Moral Certainty. Until then we are only listening to marbles swirling in a can, the noise our egos make inside our heads.

Ignore the noise, and we’ll have the time and opportunity to practice issuing our blank checks of obedience, whether Master or slave. When we have a blank check waiting at all times, we will each be granted moral certainty. Until then, everything is doubtful. Everything is uncertain. Everything is unknown. Everything is confusing. That’s the way it is supposed to be. Know that, and we’ll each outgrow this long phase. Resist it with futile attempts to “understand” and we’re doomed to stay in the same place.

When we finally accept that our ego IS the enemy, we are free to look for the real solutions that can come only from experience. If we have to be sure, have everything understood and guaranteed in advance and are not willing to make the necessary mistakes, then the real solutions will never come. Our unwavering search for obedience is the core of authenticity that our honest pursuit will ultimately yield.

If our life pursuits don’t build obedience then we’re not getting any closer to moral certainty. Remain confused as long as we must to accept the alternative of obedience, but recognize that it is a diversion and a distraction, not a solution. When we quit trying to understand, then confusion will automatically disappear. It’s only our fervent lock on the need to understand that assures confusion.

I know that each of us has to try to prove there is another way. None of us is exempt. Our purpose here is to support each other while we go through the needed dead-end paths that will ultimately convince us that obedience without understanding is the only way to find moral certainty. Moral certainty is worth finding.

It is best for us to develop a humorous sense of acceptance of all the silly things we have to go through while we become more comfortable with not understanding what cannot be understood. We must give up on rooting our brains in one place while we figure this all out in our heads. Invite every experience, and allow others to help put those experiences into perspective to get the most out of each experience.

That’s why we’re all here in this group, and that’s why we’re all here on this planet.

Let’s enjoy it together.


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