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The question was asked in regards to the article linked to the BORNSLAVES website which discusses the ego, and makes reference to reincarnation. It's a good question that I'll answer Myself. I'll have My 7 also respond later as the question was directed to it.

“Will you please speak to your understanding, as
SlaveMaster's 7, about how such a belief does or does not play in
particular to the BornSlaves overall living philosophy?”

First, we can only consider and discuss things such as reincarnation from the perspective and with the limited logic of the human mind. There is a philosophy that reminds us that if we didn’t have eyes, which are a specific sense organ for light, we would just as easily be discussing the reality of light. Since we are in a body form that has no dedicated sensory organ for physics of spirituality we are left with this discussion.

Having said that, whether or not we reincarnate doesn’t make any difference to how we live. I can neither prove nor disprove reincarnation, and don’t have any special sense about the reality of multiple lives. I consider it because some who I respect believe it offers us an explanation for some life phenomenon such as deja vu, and many other experiences. Reincarnation is certainly consistent with what I know and experience in life. There is no action that would be any different in My life whether I believe in reincarnation or not.

What I am sure of is that I collectively with the slaves BORN to Me have only one soul. Some argue that all of mankind has only one soul collectively. That could be true. All I can be sure of is that Mine is shared with those who contracted to be a part of Me before deciding to incarnate into this world. I’m also sure that the contracting took place in advance of physical birth. This is the Truth that I act upon and live according to.

Unless a belief changes how we act, affects what we do, it is only academic. Reincarnation is only academic. Our role in life is to learn what to do in every moment with moral certainty. Until a belief changes our ability or willingness to accept what to do in every moment, it has no life impact. I can’t conceive of anyone acting differently as a result of a belief in multiple lives. There might be those who could be differently motivated in the moment if they knew they’d be back in another life time, but I can’t personally see how it would help anyone know what to do.

As an academic question, if I were forced to place a bet on whether or not we have multiple lives, My money would be on reincarnation, but I wouldn’t take that bet against very strong odds.

Our real lives are only about obedience, Owner or slave, inventor or explorer. If reincarnation helps us obey, then its worth believing. If it doesn’t help us obey, it doesn’t matter.


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