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Pushing Limits Re: Post #621

Post 651

If you want to know how to "break" a slave, that's easy. Take anyone off the street, instruct that person to begin using SM devices on the slave, and when the slave objects, keep right on going. It's that easy.

The only difference between abuse and spiritual development is the intention. The same devices are used, and to the observer, the same activity is being performed.

This question gets to the difference between Master/slave "play" and empowering spiritual growth and development. Decide what you want to do because that alone determines how you do it.

As 7 reported, I don't think there is any challenge to breaking anyone. The challenge is in the building of someone. For a "BORNSLAVES" Owner, the only objective is to build. Building is a process of empowering.

No one should ever pick up a device until that person knows what they want to accomplish. "Breaking", "hurting", "power exchanging", "entertaining", "humiliating" are objectives, but have nothing to do with the best interest of the slave. These objectives have only to do with egotistic need of the physical SM giver.

The exclusive intention of anyone interested in offering the gift of Ownership and development is Love and Power. There is no egotistic intention, no limit, no guide, no technique and no other purpose.

Those qualified to develop others use the SM device to transmit the Owner's Love and Power. No other intention or purpose can be allowed nor sought. Love and Power is the only environment that will grow a slave.

If an Owner can't exclusively give Love and Power that person isn’t qualified to be an Owner, but is, instead, in the process of their own development. We can't give what we don't have. Until we know how to offer something without any expectation of return we don't know how to love. Until we feel powerful, without pretending or posturing to do so, we can't give any power away.

The Owner must grow into being qualified to give the slave growth. It isn't in the technique. Everything is in the intention and what we are willing to do to be qualified to hold that intention.

Fools and poseurs can hurt, break, abuse, punish, humiliate and harm another. Prisons are full of such people who are successful at doing so. The challenge and satisfaction for a BORNSLAVES Owner comes from becoming so pure that the unblemished gift of Love and Power can be given without any expectation of reward or return. If there is any expectation then it isn't a gift, but only an exchange.

There is no talent in exchanging. We all do that every time money is exchanged. Changing the medium of exchange doesn't change the refinement necessary to do so. Every small child already understands the process of exchange as soon as it recognizes that money has been given to get something else. That happens well before starting grade school.

So, What do you want to accomplish? Every SM session answers the question. Breaking, hurting, or humiliating doesn't accomplish anything. Go break a glass. Simply drop it on the floor. How is life any better now than it was before the glass was broken?

Until we know what we want to accomplish, until accomplishing our objective is worthwhile, and until we are qualified to accomplish what is worthwhile we are still exploring and developing.

When your answer is "I want to empower My slave in the best interest of My slave" then use physical SM to transmit your Love and Power. Nothing less and nothing more.



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