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On 3rd Person Speech

Post 0213

A great post because it raises a question about protocol that is critical to the evolution of complete slavery for those created to be. The protocol isn't arbitrary nor for the convenience of the Master, Owner, slave nor others in the life or the public.

A slave's self reference has to do with a reflection of the Truth by which each is created and destined to accept. Seven men have found the Universe's recognition of their individual acceptance of slavery. I don't grant BORN slavery, but am merely a witness to the part of Me that achieves what the Universe recognizes in that slave part.

When My first slave (1) was near being BORN, it came back from its acceptance repeatedly each time it got close to declaring and defining itself as slave through its commitment to obedience. Finally the slave who become My first BORN said to Me "Each time I find myself in the state of mind where I'm ready to jump into the reality of who I am, I feel as though I am lying in declaring ownership of myself." Each time the slave declared "I am slave." it felt the dishonesty of egotistically claiming what never has belonged to itself.

We agreed it would never again refer to itself as "I" or "me", and instead would know itself only as "This slave" (properly capitalized at the beginning of a sentence). When the next opportunity was empowered, that slave was BORN. Immediately the slave said that it finally was consciously in the same environment as it was spiritually when it internally declared and permanently and profoundly accepted its slavery.

When the conscious mind was inconsistent with what was experienced, the inconsistency absolutely prohibited advancement. When the slave talked one way, self identified egotistically, it could not accept the inconsistent and different world of slavery where there is no egotistic self ownership.

Each of the succeeding six slaves were each trained to speak the truth, referring only to "This slave" and secondarily as "it". Each graduated to the spiritual benchmark of BIRTH which confirmed the accuracy of the conscious use references which claimed no egotistic possession.

The spirit and mind must operate consistently for integrity and integration to occur. Forcing the self reference of 'I" and "me" sets up a block to belonging and obeying. It isn't coincidental that several American military organizations force the use of "This
marine" or "This soldier" and deny the use of self reference. Similarly, many religious practices deny the same egotistic reference.

As we speak, we think. As we think, we live. As we live, we become. There is clear cause and effect.

Further, from working with about 300 different slaves over the years, it is clear that having no self reference irritates the ego and easily shows where egotism is preventing growth. On some occasions being denied egotistic reference has even induced vomiting as the ego physically and violently objected.

It isn't coincidental, either, that since I published My personal "third person" protocol 12 years ago, much of the slavery fiction written since then has used the third person because of the power it has. The power comes from the Truth that it confers.

The slaves who have responded to the question of protocol unanimously "like" the non-personal protocol because they know it is true, and that any other reference is equally false. A false reference forces a slave to be dishonest, a characteristic they universally abhor and detest.

Using a lower case "i" doesn't make it any more honest. Lower case simply makes it apologetic.

Use whatever protocol works for you, but accept the limit and position that slaves fully meant to be slaves are put in by doing so. No action is without consequences. I learned the hard way that allowing self reference was "shooting Myself in the foot" preventing all that I was consciously working so hard to accomplish while annoying and compromising those I was working with.

The use of "THIS SLAVE!" is just as honest and full of pride and power as "this slave" and solves the annoying grammar problem of beginning a sentence with a small letter. This is win-win.



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