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slave as a machine

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It is interesting to see being a machine associated with that machine not being a gift, and having no capacity to love or be loved. In other writings you have learned that while a machine, I am convinced that slaves are this world's greatest resource. Being able to turn them off and on doesn't diminish that fact, but, instead, enhances it. Machines have superior ability to accomplish and are undistracted and undiminished by egotistic, selfish agenda. That's why slaves are unequaled in life.

I could argue that human beings don't walk. For the first part of their lives that is true. At any given moment on earth there are millions of human beings that don't have the capacity to walk.

There is an error in believing that because millions can't walk, that humans are not designed to walk. Because slavery doesn't feel like being a machine doesn't mean that finding the blissful machine state, operated by another that lives inside it, isn't achievable.

Celebrate where you are. Learn everything you can about your current state. Leave no leaf unturned in understanding yourself. Live, however, with the knowledge that with the potential of being the finest existence alive, a machine made of flesh and blood, that a life that can't even be dreamed right now is not only possible but probable given how you feel, who you are, and the potential for greatness that is intrinsic in all authentic slaves.



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