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I'm impressed and excited by the membership and participation in this group. I'm encouraged by both the number of Master/Owners and slaves, and the depth of the commitment to a spiritual path. Looking for, wanting, working for, and accepting a legitimate position in life greater than the entertainment of our fetishes is both rewarding and challenging, and this group's membership reflects the desire and willingness to make an investment of time and effort to achieve more than what being a "player" brings.

I personally have neither a spiritual nor a psychological academic background. I make no attempt to explain nor justify anything based on any theory or discipline. What I know, I know either through experience or because I have been given the knowledge through My own unwavering obedience. I'm neither defensive nor do I take personally any comments or objections to the Truth I've been given. I'm merely passing what's been passed to Me, for purposes I'm not meant to know. The Truth affects the people it is supposed to affect and those for whom it is not intended won't "get it" until they're ready, exactly as the Universe intends. The Universe doesn't ask My advice, so I'm neither consulted nor advised about what IT's intention is. I feel blessed simply to be given what I'm personally meant to know and do.

Every comment I make comes from the perspective of My obedient position in life, which began with a defining moment in which I swore to never believe anything I wasn't willing to live by, and to live by everything I believe. When what I express has meaning to you, it is meant to have. When it doesn't, then it's not yet meant to have meaning for you.

We grow through life. Things only make sense when we have certain beliefs already in place from education or experience. Once a lesson is learned we are free to change beliefs to prepare for the next lesson. What we believe is therefore intended to change through time. The change can occur during a single flogging, through months of a relationship or by having our lives fall apart to show us we never did have any control in the first place , which is a lesson we must all learn eventually.

The objective of this site is for each of us to provide beliefs that both apply now and that will apply in the future when we're ready for that belief. I ask that we avoid frustration from not seeing it all now. To a child, a parent leaving it with a baby sitter to go to the store can look like abandonment. As the beliefs change through experience that same child will eventually recognize the gift of the parent leaving to acquire what it needs. The action is the same, but the understanding and perspective change.

It is therefore important to express what you believe now, without concern for its acceptance. For those who have already been through what you're going through, telling the truth will help them understand where you are to better assist and facilitate your growth. Those who don't understand haven't reached the same place yet, but are now better prepared to accept and recognize that lesson when it does come. Either way, no comment is to be taken personally. It is assumed that each posting is intended only to serve the others in the group, and is not the promulgation of a personal agenda. This is what I have already observed here, and am only confirming that what is happening is as I would hope it to be.




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