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How We Find Our Rightful Place and Destiny

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Life is what leads us to our slavery. Life isn't what gets in the way of our slavery. All of us here are pursuing slavery, or Master/Ownerhsip as a destiny. None of us are prepared for our destiny until we actually are prepared for our destiny. In other words, we are not ready till we're ready. It is impossible to egotistically declare we want our slavery, Mastery or Ownership and then magically get what we've declared we want. At best, our declaration of want is a prayer which puts our lives onto a path that prepares us for what we seek.

While we are frustrated at what is not happening, there are lessons in front of us that are preventing us from moving to the next step in our life because we are too distracted to learn the current lesson. When we're having trouble finding new work, it is because we have yet a lesson to learn in the current job. When we can't find a new relationship it is because we have some unfinished business in another relationship.

Hold constant thoughts about what we don't have and the Universe will hear that constant declaration as a prayer and put everything IT can in our lives to see that it remains as we see it and expect it to be. That's how our thoughts, prayers and lives work.

Accept where we are right now, with the present opportunities in front of us, do what obedience would dictate we should do and we will move one step closer to fulfilling our Created design, our destiny.

Our current lesson could be one of forgiveness, honesty, integrity, love, vindictiveness, justice, fairness, spite or the biggest lesson of all, that none of us has any control over our lives. We make choices that coincidentally agree with the Divine plan and we take egotistic credit for the outcome, which makes the lesson even harder to learn because we interpret what happens as evidence that we were right about our having control.

What we do in our lives is all about what we can do for everyone else. The only reason we improve personally is to get better and more efficient at serving the rest of the world as we were designed to according to our destiny. Forget that, make life about us, what we can get from it, how it can all be made better for us, and we're not in support of the Universal plan, and therefore without Universal support in our activities. Then we claim frustration and cry about our disappointment.

The spiritual world is real. Our misconceptions about the nature of
the spiritual world, or our lack of real acceptance of the reality of it, absolutely prevent the inheritance of our destinies. Until we only obey, until we accept the present as a gift, until we know life is not about us, until we embrace what we're given instead of always looking for what we don't have, we won't find our destiny.

Life moves in phases. First we must become tribal, learning and accepting the group values and in exchange being protected by the tribe. Second we must become egotistically strong to know that we have capacity and ability, worth and are a resource. Third, destiny begins when we surrender who and what we are egotistically to the Divine purpose for which we were created.

Fortunately or unfortunately, almost all of life's lessons are learned from experiencing what doesn't work. The only way to develop confidence, and to proceed through life with passion is to know for certain that all the other alternatives result in failure. What is left over is what does work, and what we dedicate our lives to. No one else can tell us what won't work. We have to find out on our own, through personal experience. There is no substitute for experience. The parental urge to give others the answers to life before they learn it through the school of hard knocks is hard to overcome. None of us will ever do anything really significant in life that hasn't been empowered through experience. That makes the job of being an Owner or Master one of providing those growth experiences, not of providing answers.

Given the varying age and experience level of the members of this group, it is easy to see the mentoring potential and responsibility we have here. Our collective and individual task is to facilitate life's processes for each other so that we go through life's phases as quickly as possible while those who understand and support us in an unqualified, non-judgmental way are witnessing what we do.

Mastery, Ownership and slavery are not the usual destinies. Having someone point out to us where we should go next in life, answer our questions while we do so, and help us maintain perspective to maximize the benefit we get from each lesson is a valuable gift and asset. It would be a dream fulfilled to see us here become a community dedicated to mutual support and development of each other in the pursuit of our unique destinies.



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