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Great thread, and here's why.

There ultimately is only one Truth once each of us fully understands, is fully developed and uses the exact same semantics to describe the same things. This group is about disscussions which lead us to that common Truth.

Our benefits come from seeing our own prejudices and blind spots. For example in My response I made the association of submission with weakness. That comes from personal experience which doesn't necessarily match others'. My prejudice in this becomes apparent to Me through this disscussion and that is of benefit to Me.

Further, we each are where we are right now and we each need to grow. 7 has reached a benchmark of BIRTH, and that brings with it a certain set of experiences and knowing. All the rest of us has a different set.

What ultimately defines Owned slavery can only occur when there are both a qualified and willing owner who will take full responsibility and a qualified and willing slave who will give full obedience. Everything between natal birth and a slave finding its rightful
qualified owner is about growth. Because we're growing, something should look different every day from the way it looked the day before.

It is important that we encourage each other here to express exactly what each feels and to invite radically varying opinions in response. This is the objective and the process by which we can see where we have been, where we are now, and where we might be going. When something isn't true for us now, doesn't mean it might not be
true tomorrow, or after even one more experience which gives us a changed perspective.

Thanks to everyone here for the depth and openness that has already been demonstrated. Continue to never take any response personally and to remember our purpose as a group. Even learning to do this and regularly practicing here to not take anything personally can be the growth we need.


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