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Submission vs. Surrender

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An additional thought. As an Owner, I have an adverse reaction to the use of submission because of the implication of weakness. It is My job to empower, take away weakness, and make a slave strong enough to make a choice, strong enough to have a choice and to still choose to obey Me.

A slave is more prepared to exercise the choice of obedience when it feels invincible than when it feels submissive. If a slave enters the Owner's life before it feels powerful, then it is the Owner's job to provide the growth necessary to feel powerful. Without an Owner, the slave's job is still to do what is necessary to feel powerful.

Until a slave is powerful enough to offer obedience that is meaningful, an Owner might not be interested. An Owner might consider the slave too undeveloped to accept as slave. If an Owner takes over a slave's life too early it can actually inhibit the growth necessary to feel powerful.

slavery is all about growth. The desire, the need and the enjoyment of obeying is the motivation to grow. Owned or unowned, the growth must be continuous. Don't egotistically be distracted by finding "Mr Right" Owner when there are personal growth opportunities still available.

Another "obstacle" to finding "Mr Right" Owner can also be unfinished business. When you're serious about slavery, you must be serious about believing in an intelligence greater than us. What we are doing right now in our lives is not an obstacle to being slave, it is the path to slavery whether its taking care of a relative, finishing our education, finding a career, or healing an unhealthy relationship.

Just some things to consider that relate to us all.


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