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On becoming fearless

Post 0212

A question too important to ignore has been asked in the referenced message, which didn't get a full response. The question was:

"so, this slave's question to put out there is: how does a slave with some success in its life allow itself to release control to the largest extent possible to another human being without making a life changing error that would harm emotions, finances or the path to destiny?"

This is the "BornSlaves" group. We're exploring the spiritual reality of legitimate slavery. That's not slavery as defined by any human, but slavery as a reality, slavery that conforms like any of life's rules, and not subject to interpretation or mismanagement by human beings.

slaves must learn to trust "Masters", humans who have accepted some responsibility for another's life. The slave's review of ordinary things like consistency, competency, honesty and empathy are used to grow that trust. Trust, however, is a function of the ego. Gaining trust requires evaluation, review, analysis, and, finally, agreement that what is being done is the "right" thing. What is being done is motivated by the Master's ego whose actions are subjected onto the slave whose ego interprets what is being done. That trust cannot, and should not, ever become complete and absolute.

The Truth that "BornSlaves" pursues is that there are creatures born to own other creatures who must be owned. Neither is complete without the other, and neither is qualified without giving up an egocentric sense of self, and accepting the rules of Divine logic over the petty rules of human logic.

Human logic cannot be used to conclude or reason to the Truth of this spiritual existence of Owners and slaves. The "Truth" of slavery to an Owner comes from an internal sense of knowing. There is only one owner created for each slave. While slaves are waiting to find their owner they usually go through several Masters. While Owners are waiting to identify their slaves they usually go through several slaves. Some are contracted. Some are for one night at a time.

When a slave has found its Owner, it finds home! No one has to tell the slave it has found home, and no one has to convince it that it has found home. No one has to punish or cajole the slave into accepting its place and role. For the first time in life, everything makes sense. All its interests, disappointments, failures, successes, and sense of being alone in its feelings finally make complete sense. The human ego cannot even imagine the order, the satisfaction or the potential that it releases when the destined Owner/slave connection is made. Life begins at a point beyond what the ego could dream possible, and it grows from there.

A slave's greatest, and only real, responsibility is where it places its obedience. So long as a slave is still asking the question, "Should I obey?" (capitalization intentional) it should not be obeying. Instead, it should be learning, growing and exploring. Instead, it should be either preparing for its current Master who might one day spiritually qualify to become its Owner, or preparing for the day it will find its rightful, destined Owner.

During this development period a slave should be only agreeing, considering its options, reviewing the benefits of its current relationship, and constantly examining if it should continue.

There is no magic moment in which a slave suddenly feels ready to surrender its obedience, completely and without compromise. The magic is only in finding its qualified, destined Owner. When that happens the question about whether it should obey answers itself. When that happens every life experience becomes inarguable evidence that it has made the right decision which never again needs to be questioned.

This is how life works. This is how ownership and slavery works. This is the potential that every member of this group already knows intrinsically and internally without being told. This is why we belong to this group.



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