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Wherever We Are In Our Life is OK

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What allows growth is change. To get the most out of school when in the first grade we should want to be in the first grade, and when in the fifth, to be in the fifth. Unlike the school curriculum our life curriculum is less clear, but works in a very similar way. There are three basic phases to spiritual growth. These correspond generally to our physical lives but can occur at a much different age. Further, we have to go through these phases in each area of our life, and sometimes not simultaneously.

The first phase is childhood. We must find, belong to, and grow within some "tribe" who will teach us values. In exchange for caring, protecting, and educating us, we agree to abide by the tribe's rules. Superstition is created to discourage us from going too far from what the tribe allows.

The second phase is adolescence. Here we risk doing something different from what the tribe would have us do. Psychologists tell Me this phase is called "individuation" in their field. We defy the superstitions, discover that not only do we survive but actually prosper despite what we've been told. The ego must grow strong, along with our confidence, to prepare us for the next phase.

The third phase is adulthood. Here we give up everything that we have become to find the Universal purpose for which we were incarnated, have taken on a body in this life. Because this is our destiny, we have to discover who and what we are and what we are supposed to do that is unique in all the world, through all time.

Sometimes physical adults have never belonged to a tribe and have never felt like they have belonged to a group. Some have always had decisions made for them, and have never tested who they are by learning how capable they are without authoritative direction. Some are getting glimpses in their life that there is something more to life despite all that they have already accomplished. Regardless of where we are, that's where we need to WANT to be.

I sense in many of us an embarrassment that we aren't at a "higher" level. That's like being embarrassed to not be in the sixth grade while still in the fourth. I once had a particular slave who when with Me could only talk about how much it wanted to be elsewhere in exotic places. When in those places, it always wrote back how much it wanted to be with Me. Never satisfied, always wanting what it didn't have.

Our task in life, and opportunity with this group, is to learn where we are, express openly and freely what we're having difficulties with, and to review what others have done to achieve their growth by getting past each challenge. All of us have something more to learn, and some of us may be very adult in one area of our lives but still struggling with getting through other areas.

We are drawn to this group because someone has something for us that we need, and we have something that someone else needs. By telling the truth as fast as we can, without shame, embarrassment or hesitation we can facilitate each other's growth, while helping ourselves learn where we are and determine what we should do next. This isn't a group for any who think they already have all the answers. As the law of nature states, "Anything not growing is dying." This group isn't about preparation for death.

We're going to post some polls that will help us know each other generally, and we encourage each member to post questions to the group and to recommend polls that would help in knowing how to help others or help identify your own individual needs. This feels like a great opportunity for us all, and providing that opportunity is why we formed this interactive group.

When I was "growing up" I didn't have mentors, peers, advisors or others to model My life after. I didn't have anyone who could help and to whom I could tell My truth. I'm privileged to be a part of changing that which would have made a difference while I was discovering and growing.

To a better future, to more honesty, to greater growth. Let's all dedicate our lives and let it begin here.



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