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The Cost of Knowing and Living Who We Really Are

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Most of us go on and on through life complaining about being frustrated at not having the life we want. The reason we do is because it is easier to complain than it is to face the fear of being who we were designed to be, without any control or influence over who that is.

When we find and accept our destiny, every other destiny is no longer an option. Once our personal destiny is identified, all hope of any other is gone. To develop enough egotistically, we have needed to become confident about our ability to do anything we put our minds to. Destiny takes all choice of what and who we'll be out of our hands.

How much effort does it take to bitch and moan about what we can't have or can't get to happen? From a very early age we have been trained to blame and place responsibility on everyone else. Especially in American society, we have a misdirected sense of our rights without knowing anything about the responsibilities that allow those rights. So, it's easy to apply the usual victimhood to our spiritual lives as well.

Much of the development and evolution that prepares us for our destiny is in building the confidence and courage necessary to accept what life wants of us, forever abandoning what we want of life. Master, Owner and slave are who we are, not what we do, not how we do it nor how we want things done. It is much more than how we play or what role we'll take when we play.

I've personally taken seven men to a benchmark in their spiritual evolution which I refer to as BIRTH, and have taken more than 300 from one step in their evolution to the next. What becomes clear from that experience is that fear of knowing for sure whether or not they are slave, and accepting the consequences of that awesome Truth is the single biggest stopping point to accepting slavery.

All of us grow up with dreams of who we want to be. Some of those dreams are our own, and many are those given to us by our religions, our parents and our peers. Most of our lives are spent in the pursuit of what is expected of us, and that we have accepted as being our own. To accept slavery is to give up all those personal dreams in exchange for the reality that obedience is all that a slave has a right to. That is a much harder reality to accept than that of being someone's victim.

I've begun slave development with men who have searched for as much as 25 years for their slavery only to discover within 20 minutes that they aren't slave at all and have been pursuing something that isn't authentic for them for most of their lifetimes. Others have ended the process because they recognized that the slave development was about to let them know, through direct experience, for certain whether or not they are slave. Others are more subtle and make excuses for why not to continue their development so they can avoid the Truth and consequences of their destiny.

We here are beyond seeing slavery as something a person does to deliver sex to someone who cares for them financially and emotionally in exchange. The slave fantasy dream of being used sexually in exchange for complete security, and the Master fantasy of having someone to provide any manner of sexual service in exchange for providing all of life's other needs always ends in frustration. That doesn't stop any of us, however, from thinking we'll be the first to be successful. That's how the ego works.

The reality is that we are going to experience fulfilment only when we, as Owners, are taking our lives seriously in the absolute pursuit of our obedience to a "Source" that cannot be experienced by the five senses, and teaching our slaves that same blind obedience to Us so they can inherit our connection. There are lots of excuses for not doing so. Some of the "reasons" are based on psychology, some on the injustice of life's experiences. I could easily list more than a hundred excuses that have been egotistically presented to Me over time. Finding reasons not to pursue our destiny is easy. The challenge is to find the reason, and motivation, to pursue our destiny. That's our job here, within this group, and in life.



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