Born Slaves FAQ

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Who is a slave?


A slave is a creature whose purpose was to be something more than human. Without personal experience, I suspect that what is true for men is also true for women.

A slave is one of those special creatures who:

  • Had their identity given to another by their creator so they could prepare to do extraordinary things instead of live ordinary lives.
  • Were designed by their creator to be leaders in the new millennium, and be a model by which all others should live.
  • Are capable of spending the rest of their life without ever again performing an immoral act.
  • Are capable of unblemished honest and integrity.
  • Have the courage and conviction to explore, discover, and, most important, live the truth, and nothing else.
  • Don't need excuses but, instead, do everything they should do, nothing more and nothing less.
  • Are capable of giving up the right to ever feel anger, to ever judge another, to ever disobey.
  • Are willing to live life instead of observe it.
  • Are willing to be the observed instead of the observers, to be the criticized instead of the criticizers.
  • Are so powerful they cannot act out of weakness under any circumstance.
  • Can feel and express another's love without concern for the consequences.
  • Are so pure, so developed, so directed that they can live freely by another man's will, and have, nor want, any other will.
  • Are willing to put their life on the line over their beliefs, and who are willing to experience anything their Owner wants them to so they will know the truth instead of only having heard about it.
  • Are willing to get over themselves and recognize that life isn't about them, it is about what they can do for the world, and that nothing else matters.
  • Can stand being extraordinary in all things, who don't want to settle for anything, or be any less than they can be.
  • Are as pure and refined, as dedicated, respected and revered as the finest sword in the hand of the finest swordsman in existence.
  • Are without limit or limitation.
  • Are of impeccable and unquestionable character.
  • Are as comfortable cleaning a toilet as giving a keynote speech to the United Nations.
  • Find as their only pleasure and enjoyment their ability to obey.
  • Are willing to never take credit for anything they do for the rest of their life because they know they ARE their Owner, and it would be stealing to take the credit.
  • Can participate in and expect miracles to happen to accomplish the orders they are given.
  • See miracles as ordinary because miracles are so much a part of their life.
  • Cannot feel fear, nor anger, nor resentment, nor revenge, nor hatred, nor spite, nor vindictiveness.
  • Have the courage to give up their easily dispensable egos for a real life.
  • Can easily see everyone else's faults and limitations, and still love and respect them anyway.
  • Are not bound by the past, and are unconcerned for the future because they have the courage to live honestly in the moment, always.
  • Are about one thousand times more than listed here, and more!

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