Born Slaves FAQ

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The process of becoming slave requires several things, including:

1. Learning complete obedience

2. Accepting being who you are no matter what that is

3. Doing with your life whatever, whoever, whenever you are ordered, forever

4. Giving up all claim to a self

5. Growing in the perfect fertile environment for a slave

6. Being a part of a family of slaves

7. Allowing yourself to experience that there is a higher power that will run your life

The person who does the developing has to:

1. Be the one who was given who you are

2. Have as his sole objective first the development, then management of your slavery

3. Be internally sworn to always act in the slave's best interest, for life

4. Know how to give slavery

5. Have accepted his own destiny, and be following the Universe's orders, intentionally

If any of the above elements is missing, then you are arranging a relationship, not pursuing your destiny as a slave. Either process is legitimate, but different. If you were given your own purpose, you should arrange your own relationships. If your purpose was given to another, you should never arrange your own relationship. You either were created to be slave, or you were not.

To decide if you are ready, determine:

1. Whether or not you were given your own purpose or it was given to another.

2. If you have developed personally to the point that you are independently successful, and don't need a relationship to "make" you successful.

3. If you are willing to give your personal success away for what your creator wants you to do, no matter what that is.

4. If slavery is now your first, and best, choice of what to do in life, not a second or "also ran" alternative.

5. That you have had enough experiences with what doesn't work that you won't go through your slavery development constantly looking over your shoulder at what might be better.

6. That you don't have a hidden agenda and are capable of finally wanting ONLY what another wants for the rest of your life.

7. If you have the commitment, perseverance and dedication to do whatever is required to first become, and then live your slavery.

8. If you will let yourself become proud of your slavery, first to yourself, then others, and then to the world.

9. If you are willing to accept the responsibility of being a leader in life, and of doing what it requires to be great, in obedience.

10 If you are willing to accept being a non-human creature incapable of committing an immoral act, ever, for the rest of your life.

Becoming slave is not a battle of the wills, or of the egos. It is accepting that the only will you have or want is your owner's will, and there is only one will.

Before beginning, REVIEW:

1. Personally and privately where you currently are in light of the above requirements

2. With friends, potential slave brothers, family and others whose opinion you respect

3. With the man you think was created with your purpose

Only then is it time to arrange the first session. In most cases you will know after the first session whether or not you are slave, or have the ability to become what you were created to be. You also have to be willing to accept the truth about that.


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