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Whether a slave, a faggot, a bitch, no matter what the name, it must make no difference. Arrogance is the bane of slavery, of slave development, and of spiritual evolution.

Some need a politically incorrect title to feel authentically in the right place to accept who they are and to accept the obedience which inevitably gives their lives its unique purpose and meaning. Being politically correct and being spiritual can be at odds in this rarified SM world of authenticity and growth.

Having the courage to accept who we are includes having the courage to give up the easy titles that apply previous respect and responsibilities to who we are. By definition, destiny is unique. Using someone else’s title, having a place through belonging that comes from association with others of the same title, is not unique. Belonging isn’t wrong, belonging simply isn’t the process that empowers our unique destiny.

Some see their progression as being one of “boy”, to “slave”, and then to “Master”. Others feel the need to go from faggot, to son, to soldier. Some want only to be one thing, a “slave”. What is important is that the title NOT be entitling.

Any egotistic arrogance that either desires or resists any particular title will prevent the open mentality required for growth. Each of our lives is about obedience. Who or what we obey is the biggest single decision we make in life, and it may be the only real human choice we make in life which isn’t simply the product of the human machinery made of genetics, conditioning, education and a variety of experiences that define us humanly.

Spiritual evolution through SM is both authentic and unique as a methodology to growing into who we really are in the larger scheme of things. Growth through SM includes a “giver”, someone who carries the intention of that growth. When combined with the consent of someone willing to accept the product of that intention, there is nothing on earth which matches the focus and intensity of such a practice, for those of us for whom it is natural.

It isn’t necessary to tell anyone whether or not SM as a spiritual practice is natural for them. I’m pretty sure that My mother is not a candidate, and equally as convinced there are those for whom it is the only effective spiritual practice. You know who you are.

The mind must be prepared, must be in the right place to invite the experience of spiritual growth. Consent is part of that preparation. Another part is the availability of its identity.

When a special Someone agrees to take the necessary responsibility to hold the proper intentions to provide growth, they need access to the most vulnerable parts of the ego. How we think of ourselves, the titles by which we are known, is one of the most vulnerable. No argument is needed to convince anyone of the truth of this.

Desperately, there are many diverse online groups who are promulgating their “demeaning” titles for acceptance by those who would take advantage of their vulnerability and make appropriate use of them. Their hope is that some responsible dominant would call them by their desired title without having to advertise themselves. Second best is having the self-described title accepted and used to capture their heart and spirit to fulfill the instinctive need inside.

Sometimes the title needs to change dynamically to match the moment. Whoever holds the agenda must be true to themselves to be effective. Freedom to call the developing spirit by whatever name comes to mind in the moment can maintain an authentic consistency that is otherwise lost.

Words can be powerful. Being associated in one moment with a demeaning, degrading title, and then in the next moment with a different title that is universally powerful can communicate and establish the feeling needed at the time to match some coincidental action that is being taken to form the evolutionary experience.

Desire a name, or resist a title, and the ego is too active to tolerate growth. Limiting growth is, of course, the whole point of the ego. For those who still entertain the illusion of control, to grow is to change, and the only purpose of control is to retard the rate of change, holding it at zero if possible.

SM and spiritual growth is the practical implementation of the dynamics of obedience. Self esteem is exclusively a function of the quality of obedience and any other measure of self esteem is egotistic and therefore detrimental to growth. As detrimental to growth as it is, artificially perpetuating the illusion of control is a powerful egotistic agenda despite its fatal effect on real growth.

The willingness to be called by any name can be used as a test of the condition of the ego. A healthy ego, even though valuable in early spiritual development, is an absolute barrier to the later development that yields personal destiny.

Are you a faggot? Do you deserve to be called one?

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