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My slave jim has observed "Proceed with caution, backing up can cause sever tire damage!" The truth that this expression reflects is about how life works.

Up to now, everything you know, you are responsible for. The more you know, the more you continue to grow responsible for. Exploring your slavery is about the spiritual process of finding and developing your destiny.

Finding out whether or not you are slave is one of the "heaviest" truths you can ever know. As long as there is a doubt, you can live and act accordingly. Since most men determine the truth about themselves during the first session of their development, you can never again enjoy the freedom that having a doubt allows you, after your first "try out".

slaves are different creatures and they respond differently than ordinary humans when give the same stimulus. That difference distinguishes who a man is. The truth only has two alternatives, so finding out can only mean:

1. You aren't slave.

Knowing that, it is prudent to change your goals and life pursuits. Leather and SM may still be a part of your recreation, or somehow associated with your fantasies and play, but you learn that it isn't a defining factor of who you are, any more than your favorite foods are.

Anyone who has spent his life with one slave relationship after another would then know that he has been pursuing the wrong relationships. Those who could never find the "right" slave relationship would know why. That leaves a man with the question of what does work then?

Life has to be lived differently when you aren't a slave. Your destiny lies another place, and who you are is completely contained inside yourself. It is then folly to seek who you are from another. If you know you aren't slave, seeking your meaning from another is simply a sign of co dependance or of insecurity, or a lack of confidence.

Life is different, because you are different from who you thought you were. It is time to change your relationships and your expectations. That's a big change if you have been harboring the thought that you are slave.

2. You are slave.

It can be very rewarding to know who you are. However, there are implications about what to do about that knowledge. To be slave means that without your slavery you will never experience real happiness, nor know fulfillment.

All destinies, whether slave or not, require doing whatever is required without understanding or knowing what that will be. Society in general, and most of the world won't celebrate your life when you discover, for sure, that you are a slave. No one at work will order a cake and throw a party. Still, you are going to have to learn to be proud of yourself and your life as slave. Everyone who respects you will have to learn to respect you as slave, even if they don't know you are one. Your fear of being who you are has to be absent to hear what you must do with your life. If you are concerned about what others think, you will miss your orders, and your life.

Knowing you're slave is the easy part. Living every moment for the rest of your life according to what that implies is the challenge. You have to experience life all over again, and let go of everything that you can't experience as being true, and live by everything you do experience to be true.

When we want our destiny, our fulfillment, and our purpose in life, the Universe takes us seriously. IT grants our wish, our prayer. But, it doesn't ask us what color we want it in. IT gives us whatever we should have, and will never pay any attention to what we want.

Once we have asked, and our destiny has been offered, only one of two things can happen. Either we accept it, and live accordingly, or we fight it.

If we fight it, life becomes worse. The Universe makes it harder and harder on us, to get our attention and to remove all the alternatives to accepting what IT wants us to do. IT has infinite resources at Its disposal. It can give us illness, take away a part of our body, it can render us financially destitute, and it can take away loved ones or friends in an instant, without warning. IT can, and will do whatever is required to force us to accept what we have been offered, unless we change our mind and give up the pursuit of our happiness.

If we accept the destiny that we're offered, then the Universe will arrange life in series of small and big miracles. Our source of income will change and grow, our security and influence will expand, and our lives will improve in every way, without our having wanted it first. Wherever we are, we will want to be exactly who we are, and to be with whoever we're with. All the looking over our shoulder to the greener grass on the other side will cease.

Life either gets dramatically better, or it gets dramatically worse. Removing ignorance, removes our innocence and doubt. Nothing will ever be the same, one way or the other.

Accept the responsibility for knowing who you are. Examine how serious you are about knowing, and whether you're ready for the consequences before you pursue your destiny as a slave.

Becoming slave is the most important decision you will ever make in your life. Be realistic about your current abilities and conviction. Be mature enough to go a different path until you are confident about your ability to persist.

When you are ready, go forward without looking back. Put everything into the success of your life and your slavery. Stop the monitoring, and doubting. Stop dragging your feet and using your strength to stop what life gives you, and use it instead, to accept into your life everything that you can find.

Proceed with caution. Backing up can cause severe tire damage. Proceed, then, full speed ahead.


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