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If you don't feel your slavery, and it isn't something that you want to pursue any longer, then it is appropriate to remove the collar go another direction, for now, or forever.

When a man is developing who he really is, and that is in obedience to another, there isn't anything, any circumstance about that which makes me uncomfortable. What others "carp" about isn't any of my concern at all. I do only what is in integrity for me. The results are what they are. I don't adjust my protocol, my life, or my concerns to accommodate anyone.

The only question that is pertinent is whether or not you can be in integrity with the life that you're living. No other concern is relevant.

BORN SLAVERY is self defined, and I am only its witness. I don't control its parameters, and don't adjust its members. The point is to have a life of helping others. The "others" will take on many forms, and any forms, and that doesn't matter. slavery that isn't based on pure, un-compromised honesty, and the pursuit of destiny, and of those who manage the lives of such men and women isn't slavery at all. Others misuse of the word, doesn't change what slavery is.

Anyone who retains the right to not be honest, or to control where their life will go is egotistic, and not pursuing destiny. Egotism and destiny are mutually exclusive. Destiny is a high calling, and it demands everything we are and think.

It's OK to be pursuing destiny, or not to be. Each type of person needs assistance and support, and each can give assistance and support to others.

Truth learned through any experience is worth knowing, and makes the experience worthwhile. I have no confusion over whether someone is unabashedly pursuing who they are, or not. The process I witness, and am a part of, is of that unabashed pursuit.

I will never be concerned about what makes others uncomfortable or causes them to "carp". It is my job to, in fact, expose people to what makes them uncomfortable or makes them carp, not by intention, but from telling the truth. That's what forces growth and development. When we stay within the same comfort zone, then nothing changes, and without change there is no growth.

Everyone knows what they are willing to do, or to give to any process. Everyone knows what they are willing to invest in their pursuits. Everyone knows how far out of their comfort zone they are willing to move, or live. I accept those limits. I precisely define what it does take so others will know what the cost of having integrity is. Each has to weigh that cost against the benefits, and the importance of those benefits to themselves.

The only question is what you want to do. Whatever that is, is fine. You have to feel your own integrity. But its not about others' confusion, or what others feel, think, or do.

Usually, when you've asked the question about continuing with your slavery, you've already made a decision, you've already made up your mind, and that's OK. It takes as much courage to find out what doesn't work for us, what doesn't fulfill our lives, as it does to pursue that which does. Do what your doubts tell you to do, and don't look back!


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