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Are slaves weak?


There is a brutal misunderstanding that slaves are weak. A slave announces its slavery. Someone who’s known the slave for years as being very strong and dominant is surprised. They cannot reconcile that their long-time powerful friend is slave. “Aren’t slaves weak?” they ask, “You’re not that weak.” There is nothing to be reconciled. Slaves ARE strong.

The use of the word submission is associated throughout our lives with being weak and being forced to accept what we cannot resist. We submit to teachers. We submit to our parents. We submit to our boss. We submit to our religious leaders. Over and over we are reminded that someone else has greater power over us. Throughout our childhood, our adolescence and continuing into our adulthood we are conditioned to believe that to submit means to yield to superior power against our will. That power is always associated with authority.

When we SURRENDER obedience instead of submit, there is an associated sense that the surrendering is both powerful and full of options. A slave still chooses to give obedience despite its power and its options. Regardless of the word that is used, the point is that the gift of obedience must come from a place of power and not from any sense of weakness nor of compromise.

From an Owner’s perspective, slavery that is based on weakness is a burden. Only slavery built on power and strength can become an asset. An Owner’s task in life is to empower those who are owned. Weakness is the enemy. Power is the solution to finally owning a valuable asset. That asset must become so valuable that it fulfills its destiny while doing nothing more than obeying perfectly, completely and consistently.

It is easy to confuse the relationship of an Owner responsible for empowering the destiny of a slave for a healthy Master/slave relationship that is not intended to move beyond human logic and understanding. To the casual observer, the intention of each could look the same. Many benefits can still result from transforming a traditional relationship, even a marriage, into a Master/slave relationship without ever considering destiny. For both purposes the basic responsibilities are the same. The Owner/Master is responsible for commanding, and the slave is responsible for obeying.

To produce the destiny of slavery, however, every possible power and strength must be transferred into the slave while building an adequate container made exclusively of obedience. Only the limit of the obedience limits the quantity of power that can be developed inside the slave. The quantity of power placed in a slave can never exceed the strength and integrity of the obedience. Only a command must set all that power free and only another command freeze it in place.

When used to build destiny, all S/M activity has as a part of its function the transfer of power. Simultaneously, the S/M builds additional obedience, which is the container of that power. The container is of no value without the power it contains, and the power is wasted or misused if the container is not adequate to hold the power that is being collected.

If someone were to put both arms together and push, one against the other, as in an arm wrestling match, one arm would force the other down, winning. That victorious arm is the strong one. The arm that would lose would be the weak one. Now consider that everything that you needed to do during the day had to be accomplished while the weaker arm was being forced submissively against the stronger arm as each task was being performed. The only resulting power available would be what is left over after over-powering the weaker arm. The power available would be the mathematical result of subtracting the weaker from the stronger.

Similarly, a Master who takes on a slave through forced submission has only the power that remains after producing the submission. Obviously, there is less power available than if the slave weren’t being forced into submission. For some, the benefits are adequate to a Master/slave relationship, despite the power consumed.

To develop the capacity to achieve destiny, tremendous amounts of power are needed. To reach that capacity, the power developed and stored in the slave must be added to the Owner’s own power. That power addition occurs when obedience is the singular connection between the slave and the Owner. The lack of right to choice makes the connection efficient and effective at combining the power from both the slave part and the Owner part of the connection. The reason we are Owners and the reason that slaves seek Owners is because the destined purposes for which the power is needed has been given exclusively to the Owner. If slaves could feel their own purpose and only needed their own egotistic abilities, they wouldn’t need an Owner, and shouldn’t seek one. Creating, storing, controlling and coordinating the power and determining when to use the combined power is an Owner’s exclusive responsibility.

Obedience is a powerful surrender of authority. Obedience frees and controls the power in the slave and allows it to be mathematically added to the power in the Owner. The resulting force is the minimum required to achieve destined results for those created to be Owner and slave.

I’ve clarified the variety of slave types and Master/slave combinations elsewhere. What is done within the realm of humanism, psychiatry or egotism are different pursuits, legitimate but different. Everyone needs to be healthy and realized in each of these areas. Spiritualists universally refer to this essential egotistic period during which we become strong, and then outgrow in order to begin our destined period. Everything we do to grow that is understandable is done to prepare us for what makes us unique, and that cannot be understood. When destiny is our conscious pursuit we can’t afford to get distracted by or caught in our egotistic human training period. All of life’s resource is intended to be put to its highest use in the world. That activity is destiny.

To move into destiny, the minimum required is to graduate from what works and what is healthy. If what results from our efforts is still logical, explainable, documentable or predictable, then we’re not yet past what is average. Being more than average requires moving into a world where results cannot be understood from cause and effect or any other human phenomena. The ego likes to stay where it feels it is in control and is doing what it does well. The ego resists going beyond what keeps it feeling comfortable. Most people are not willing to defy the ego for what is greater. Defying the ego requires power than can only be controlled by obedience.

The additive power of slave strength to an Owner’s life produces the environment in which we can get beyond what is average. The Owner must first get Himself beyond being egotistic to qualify for empowering a slave to do the same thing. Limiting life to only that which can be understood is spiritually fatal. As critical as the activities are in the early parts of our lives, stopping our life at what can be done with therapy or science or any understanding is a promise to never achieve destiny. Focusing on what can be understood is to focus on what prepares us for our destiny. We can never know, by definition, where our destinies will take us. We can never understand the phenomena that exists in the spiritual world that becomes ours once we allow ourselves to live our destinies.

Consider your most powerful moment. That moment was filled with confidence, certainty and a clear obligation to do what had to be done. That moment cannot be understood rationally. Real power, when viewed from the human perspective, has a sense of insanity in it, something we cannot explain nor understand. Power that can be controlled and directed by the egotistic mind is too limited to do anything significant. When dealing with the quantities of power being discussed here, the only sufficient control is obedience. Obedience replaces understanding when we move beyond what can be understood.

When we don’t believe there is any intelligence outside ourselves, that is greater than our own, we have no place to put our obedience. When an Owner’s obedience isn’t located, practiced and confirmed, then slaves have no place to put theirs, in us. Limiting the power we give slaves, limits our need to surrender through obedience, to what we don’t control. That’s an Owner’s egotistic defense at work. Keep the power small and we can keep our concepts of reality small enough to explain and control with what is within human understanding.

Go beyond human understanding, however, and we open up the whole world of Divine logic, flow and the whole myriad of spiritual and philosophical concepts that we can connect with only through obedience. When obedient, we don’t need to know, recognize nor understand any of the concepts. Any attempt to do so is just another diversion our egos create to limit our personal rate of change and the speed of our growth.

Consider what we never hope to understand. Accept what we can never explain. Embrace what makes no sense to the human mind. Start with these convictions and we can begin to live in the world we neither control nor feel a need to. Begin to live by these, as commitments, and we can accumulate our slaves’ power that we both put there and that rightfully belongs to us. Think of slaves as being weak, or refer to them in ways that imply weakness and the subtractive energy remaining will define the crippled product of our lives. Start where most humans are happy ending up, then step into not understanding. Build and live by obedience and you can inherit your destiny as an Owner and the ability to give our slaves theirs.



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