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I have both written and talked a lot about the nature of slavery without being explicit about its spiritual implications. A slave's life is spiritual, and there is no way to understand slavery without generally understanding how life works, the meaning of life. The spiritual world is the real world, and every slave must discover that before becoming slave.

It is the Owner and Operator of the spiritual world that grants slavery. It is that force, intelligence, and order that I generally refer to as "Universe" that declares when someone is finally qualified to be a slave. What name IT has won't make a difference. Just as what we believe doesn't change the truth, what we call something doesn't change its nature or purpose.

Every man or woman of destiny has two phases in his life, separated by a defining moment. During the first phase we learn, develop, and grow into feeling personally successful. During the second phase we live the personally unique destined life that was realized and confirmed during the defining moment. There is only one destiny per person, and no two of us can have the same destiny.

The second phase will always be what the Universe intends it to be. There will be no way to predict it, and no way to influence it. If what we're doing is predictable, then it isn't destined. What has happened before cannot be a part of destiny. Once a path is taken, it can never be repeated, no matter how valuable or worthy the path. That's the nature of destiny.

During the first phase of a slave's life, the challenge is first to feel personal value and independent success. Second, he must discover and confirm he was created to be a slave. Third, a slave must determine that he personally possesses the motivation and commitment to the process required to become the slave he was created to be. A slave has to know what he's willing to give, and give up, for the acquisition of his destiny.

The final first phase step is different for a slave. It is the only distinguishing difference between a slave and any other person in pursuit of destiny. Who a slave is was given to another by his Creator. Therefore, the slave needs to find that man or women who carries the slave's purpose.

There must be no value judgement assigned to being destined to be a slave. Despite the egotistic training we receive to be independent, self-directed and to avoid co-dependency at all costs, slavery is a legitimate destiny. Ego training is a legitimate requirement of phase one, to enable our egotistic success. It is not a part of anyone's destiny. slaves are creatures different from human, but not lesser than human.

Being a slave puts a man or women into a position to accomplish greater tasks, with less effort because of the shared nature of his life and provide a route to accomplishing the defining moment at a more rapid pace. A slave is only part of another. A division of labor to succeed is created because there is more than one part. A slave is made of obedience, and finds his only pleasure to be the accomplishment of orders.

There is a reason certain men and women have been selected to be slave. We can never know the reason, but we can be sure that it is because the Universe has work it wants accomplished that only a slave can accomplish. Others, with other destinies are intended to do the work they can uniquely do. slaves are designed to accomplish the impossible and the improbable because they are designed to obey. They are uniquely qualified to accomplish that which they are designed to accomplish. No one else can complete a slave's task in life.

Being slave is a very high calling, nothing to be ashamed of, or to feel lesser about. Just the opposite, being slave is to possess a nature that is superior to characteristics which we humans exhibit. Slaves don't have inhibitions and limitations. Slaves are not capable of dishonesty, or deceit. Slaves can have no agenda of their own, which leaves them pure and capable only of totally unselfish lives. They are suitable for the acceptance of unlimited trust.

Destiny also makes it equally the Owner's task to find the other parts of himself. Only a destined Owner can develop the raw materials presented to him by a potential slave into a powerful man or woman of destiny.. Each Owner will have many parts He has to find. Each slave will have his one Owner to find. Many others help a slave along the way, but only one person is destined to carry a slave's purpose. The Universe didn't spread a slave's purpose around the country side to make it available for anyone who wanted to pick it up and give it to the intended slave. A slave's purpose is as precisely assigned as the slavery itself. It is the complementary part of the same destiny.

Destiny is precise. For those who want to achieve it, everything must be done as it was intended to be. Egotistic-determined goals are the antithesis of our destiny. We either do the Universe's work, or we do our own. We can't do both.

Every slave is led, or banged around, through life to develop his value, and to show him that his life won't be complete without his Owner. No matter what a slave does, his purpose is still missing until he finds his Owner. Most of life's experience is intended to prove to the slave what won't work. Finally, when the slave is ready, the Universe provides the opportunity to know and accept his Owner, his destiny, and the process which will develop the raw material the slave offers to his Owner. It's all the same decision.

The slave provides willingness, honesty and the raw material. Only the Owner can bend, temper, weld, hammer, and shape the raw material into a beautiful and respected tool, like the way a sword is built. Then, just like the sword, the sword is known by its Owner and the strength of the sword is the sword's ability to obey, and be used as the Owner intends it. If the sword bends whenever the sword feels like it, the sword is useless. A sword with its own agenda is worthless.

It is the Owner's job to recognize the raw material, and to direct the use of the tool as the Creator intends it to be used. The sword fulfills the Owner's needs and purpose, and in being used, the sword becomes a critical part of the Owner's need, purpose and process. The Owner cannot do what he was created to do without the sword, and the sword has no purpose without the Owner. If the sword reserves the right to make decisions on its own, then it can't help the Owner with his purpose.

A sword without the Owner's purpose, has no purpose. A sword isn't given, nor does it need, a purpose of its own. Nevertheless, it can still go down revered through history because of the results of its existence and use.

Likewise, a slave has no separate purpose. The slave has NO purpose except to obey, and has no responsibility except to obey, and has no right except to obey. The last thing that a slave would ever want to know is how he personally feels about any order. While he egotistically examines the last order, he misses the next one and risks influencing the order.

It is the order which sets the slave free. Because a slave obeys, he can feel the spirit that the Owner has built and empowered inside, a spirit which is the Owner's spirit. The slave becomes light, joyous, spontaneous, creative, intuitive and inspired. The slave can do no wrong because all of his negative intention has been replaced with obedience.

The obedience also protects the slave. The slave can risk being spontaneous and natural only because the slave KNOWS he will obey, and knows he has an Owner who will issue any order needed to protect him. The order is of no value without the obedience.

Once completely free to only obey, the slave can feel the Owner's purpose inside. The slave development process teaches a slave that the spirit the Owner builds inside the slave is the same spirit as the Owner's, and he learns that when the Owner's spirit is directed, so is the slave's. The slave begins to feel direction through the Owner's spirit directly, from inside, and knows the Owner has the same direction. Because the Owner obeys, the slave can obey, and does.

The Owner doesn't get one order and the slave a different one. There can be no conflict. The slave knows that the orders the slave feels inside are the same as those given to his Owner. Since there is only one order, there is no conflict. The Owner's job is to both give orders directly and to enforce those orders that are given to the Owner's spirit inside the slave. This prevents the slave from making excuses for not doing what his Creator, the Universe, gives the slave to do.

The Owner doesn't have to personally issue every order. Once the slave recognizes that his mind, body and spirit ARE the Owner, not as his property but as Himself, the slave acts, thinks, loves, and lives for the Owner, and only for the Owner because that's all there is. There is no separate, distinct person that is slave. There is no one to have a second opinion. There is only the Owner's opinion and the Owner's opinion. There is only the Owner's will and the Owner's will. slave development is the experience of this as true and real.

The slave development process leaves a slave with absolute moral certainty. In every moment, in every circumstance, the slave knows what to do. When the Owner is physically present, the slave accepts his orders directly. When the Owner is physically apart, the slave obeys the Owner's spirit inside with the same passion and dedication as he obeys the orders which come from the Owner's mouth.

It is the existence of the Owner's spirit internally that convinces the slave that he is slave. No one can make up a spirit for someone else to feel, to live by and to be. No amount of punishment and brain-washing could ever create a part of another man's soul for someone who looks distinct from his Owner, but is actually ONLY a part of his Owner. The soul, the spirit, can't be invented by man.

Since a slave lives only in the Owner's soul, he can spend his whole life doing what feels like play, whether making multi-million dollar corporate decisions, deciding which streets to use to drive home, or who to love. When a man obeys, and has an Owner, and has sworn unqualified obedience to that Owner, everything he does is the right thing. Every action is directed by the Universe, and to accomplish the Universe's purpose.

When a man obeys, the consequence of the action is none of the obedient's business. What is done honestly, from a place of power given by the Owner, and from a place of love given by the Owner, is always the right thing to do.

The only pleasure a slave can feel is to fulfill an order, to obey. When in constant obedience without the right or desire to do anything else, everything a slave does is pleasure, and, everything the slave does is morally correct. A slave cannot perform an immoral act, an angry act, a dishonest act, a deceitful act, a vengeful act, a spiteful act, or any negative act, because he obeys instead.

The Owner is morally responsible for everything a slave does for the rest of his life, after BIRTH. There is only one soul among the Owner and His slaves, and what happens with one will happen with all.

BIRTH is when destiny begins, when a slave does only what his Creator wants him to do and nothing more, and nothing less. Destiny begins when a slave accepts that he isn't himself, but is only a part of another, when a man knows that he can only obey and that nothing else is his business, forever. It is a moment when spirituality is experienced first hand, and the personal attention of the Universe becomes known. It is a final goodbye to life directed by the ego and any claim to a self that is separate from the Owner.

A SlaveMaster is an Owner. A Master is not an Owner. Masters can come and go. There could be several through a lifetime. There can only be one Owner, and it has to be the right one, because an Owner is who the Universe gave a slave's soul to when the slave was created. Masters have a critical role in a slave's life, but the purpose isn't to own. It is potentially possible that someone could be both a slave's SlaveMaster and Master, but it is not necessarily the case because of the vast difference in purpose.

Through life a slave can feel the soul he is meant to be, but can never fully inherit it until he accepts his slavery. Slavery is a process that concludes in a single moment in which the Universe who created the slave gives a slave his intended destiny. Slavery can't be given by the Owner, it can only be given by the Creator. That keeps the Owner in line, and in obedience! Otherwise the Owner could play favorites and make mistakes. He could hand out slavery as a reward. The Universe is far too wise to allow that to happen.

Slavery has to be given EXACTLY as the Universe wants it given. It doesn't make any difference how anyone, including the Owner or the slave, feels about any part of the protocol or process required to produce it. There is nothing to negotiate, nothing to bargain or contract for. It must be precisely as it must be, or it will never be at all.

This, all, is the minimum requirement to be a slave. This isn't something that might happen some day for some slave. Any man or woman who hasn't achieved what I have described here might know that he's meant to be slave, but he isn't slave yet. Slavery is not a decision. It is a gift from the Universe in acknowledgment of having become one of the Universe's soldiers. When I witness that event, is when the tattoo of achievement and the BIRTH sequence number is assigned to a man, not one second before.

Until the above is accepted as true, there can be no understanding of real slavery. So long as there is any implication that an Owner, the SlaveMaster, and his slave are two men, there is no way to grasp the meaning of slavery. The word "slave" has been misused in alternate contexts, and for alternative reasons, but it isn't what slavery is, or was ever meant to be. It isn't my job to change how a word is used. Anyone can use any word they want at any time. Slavery is what slavery is, and what word is used, or how it is used, won't change any part of it.

slaves who have not found their slavery are men who are still forced to live as though they are separate. It is like having a script in a play that won't end. There is no way to exit the stage and go to "real life" for men created to be slave, but not developed and BORN.

This is the source of the frustration, the extreme measures slaves go to, the feelings of depression and despair that they're commonly faced with. It is why a slave justifies and feels that it's OK for him to abandon everything, against the slave's common sense, for someone who will treat him like a slave, only to find that he still isn't fulfilled. When the true nature of slavery is understood, it is easy to see where the one-handed fiction has come from, and why the feelings that slaves have are being experienced. They know inside they can have no limits. They simply don't understand the framework in which it must happen.

Until a slave is a part of another, he doesn't know who he is at all. he can have a lot of success, and play at being slave in a lot of relationships, but he still doesn't know who he is. Because slaves have to be talented and creative to perform the jobs their creator intends for them, they are good at acting like they have found who they are. They are very good actors, and play their scripts well. An Owner knows when it's acting, and sees a precious part of himself in the slave he looks at. An Owner doesn't even notice the image, the facade, that's been created, because it is of no importance to Him.

If a man feels fulfilled while "living the script" he isn't slave at all, even if he uses the name "slave". People have the capacity to live like dog, like furniture, or like slave, and that doesn't a dog, furniture, or a slave make them.

Without BIRTH, a slave is still acting human. So long as a slave acts human, pretends to be his own individual self, he is only acting. Any question, or process which leaves the slave as a separate individual, capable of disobedience and of making decisions about who he is, whether they are better decisions or not, is still being human, not slave.

The rules that apply to humans do not apply to slaves, and the rules that apply to slaves don't apply to humans. To treat a human like a slave is to abuse him. To treat a slave like a human is to abuse the slave. They are different creatures, with different requirements, and different needs.

If someone expresses something about what is good for a human, it probably is not good for a slave. People with a psychology background are normally the worst of all at understanding slavery because of their need to see slaves as human. Psychologists find it discomforting and disorienting to not be able to pigeon-hole into human behavior slots how a slave behaves and must be treated.

slaves are given orders, everything else for a slave is abuse. slaves are better than human, they have a higher calling, and have more to accomplish with their life than most humans. They are men and women of destiny, which few humans achieve. To be destined is the minimum requirement for a slave, not the best they can hope for.

What is stated here is a lot to accept. That's why it takes time to become a slave. I don't have a choice about being an Owner and giving men their slavery, and slaves don't have a choice about being slave.

Not only is what I have stated a lot of accept, a slave must personally experience every part of it to be true. Nothing can be taken on my word, or anyone else's. It all has to be individually experienced and confirmed to accept the demands and freedom of slavery. That's another reason why it takes time, why slave development is a lengthy process.

Some have suggested to me that they could become slave in a weekend. It's not going to happen any more than you could become a Doctor in a weekend, no matter how true the calling, no matter how motivated, no matter how prepared for the challenge.

I hope these thoughts will help you get "a better grip on this." I know how challenging it is to believe. It took decades for me to accept it. I have experienced it all to be true, over and over, but I'm still in no better position to defend nor better explain "Why?" than anyone else. I don't have to understand physics to know the sun will come up every day, and I don't know why the Universe has selected certain men and women to be slave. But it has, and they have an ominous task to perform that would look impossible if they weren't slave, and living in obedience.

Some theorize that the resurgence of real slavery has to do with preparing for the new Millennium and the age of Aquarius. Others postulate other theories. Why doesn't matter. That slavery is becoming important, and critical, and respected as an existence is true. It won't be long before there will be an awe and respect that comes over people when they learn that someone is a slave.

I suspect that slaves will be expected to be the models of how to live in the new Millennium, and that might be the least of their tasks, through obedience, for and as the Owner who has built them and cares enough to issue the order, for God's sake.


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