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A slave or Servant?


Some use “Master” and some use “Owner”. These thoughts are about a slave, and are from a slave’s perspective only regarding slaves. Here these terms are used interchangeably.

Slavery is about having no options, about being totally owned and operated. A slave is not a free man who has decided to grant services to a Master. A slave does not even seek to please a Master. Seeking to please is a concern of the ego. Seeking to please is just one more way for the ego to say: “See, I’m good!” But a slave feels no such concerns. A slave understands that the ego is what stands in the way of true slavery and of the authentic connection to the Master or Owner. The ego is the enemy of slavery, so seeking to please a Master automatically destroys slavery.

Any slave granting a Master services rather than obeying is a servant, not a slave. Slaves do not grant services, they obey. Any Master who has found a man who “slaves” for him, who calls him “Master” and runs around serving him all day, is not a Master, but merely a recipient of voluntary services. Masters do not simply receive, they give commands.

A slave seeks only one thing: obedience, to be trapped into obedience so that no sense of choice clouds its heart, mind and spirit, an obedience so strong that the slave IS obedience, and that the slave becomes One with the Owner, an intimacy so great and powerful that no other pleasure in life need exist.

Some may suggest that being so obedient means being mindless, but this is not the case. Obedience means having no selfish thoughts of one’s own and listening with ears, heart and spirit for any order given, and any order given may require that the slave make great use of mental powers, although they are used in obedience rather than to achieve the objectives of the ego.

Just obey, and real slavery follows. Just serve, and there is no slavery because no one is Master.

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