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By SlaveMaster

To produce colorfast, yellow cloth, the cloth is first dipped into yellow dye that has been formulated to match the nature of the cloth, and then held in the sun to be bleached away. The process is repeated, and each time the cloth retains more of the yellow pigment that gives it its color. It serves no purpose to hold the cloth in the dye for extra time. There is no advantage to bleaching the cloth until the sun begins to rot its fiber. Into the dye, then into the sun, then into the dye, again, and back into the light of day, until the reality of the sun repeats its part of process. There are no short cuts, it all works as it must to produce the final result.

In the Summer edition of Metropolitan slave, issue #12, in the article "SLAVES ARE BORN TO SLAVERY", is described an overview of the process by which men become slaves. Crucial to that process, is the exposure to the reality and intensity of absolute slavery during a session. Between sessions, a man understands what he has experienced, makes incremental changes to his life, reexamines who he is, how committed he is to his slavery, and how willing he is to permanently accept living only as a part of another.

For most, the feeling of wanting to be slave has been so intense for so long, and so denied in fulfillment, that the thought of it being difficult to accept slavery seems impossible. How can something that a man has wanted for so long, and so badly, be difficult to accept?


A man is BORN to be slave. That is true. However, a potential slave is also genetically born with an ego. The ego has been trained and strengthened by everything we have learned and been exposed to throughout life. It is the ego a man refers to each and every time that he says "I" or "me". The ego takes credit for everything positive that we have accomplished. Each good decision is another claim by the ego that it has "done good."

Every bad experience is explained by the ego as being the fault of something or someone else. It is either our parents' fault, our friends' fault, the boss's fault, the teacher or the minister who gave bad advice, or the apparent intention of some machine to make our life miserable. The ego is very selective about what it claims credit for, and what it doesn't.

The ego is best at creating artificial and inaccurate conclusions. It takes every event in our life, and remembers it in ways that makes the ego look good, regardless of what really happened. Some of us are more honest than others, some of us are "gifted" with a spiritual background, or philosophical training, or fortunate to have very aware and educational parents. Some of us have at least been convinced that WE didn't make us who we are. At a minimum, we might believe that the intelligence and talents we have, weren't because of what WE did. They were given to us. Some of us, at least intellectually, recognize the advantages we received from our parents and accept that they probably had a sizable influence over our success. Everything we are, and are capable of, is clearly, not of our doing nor the result of our personal effort and cleverness. The ego claims otherwise.

Even when we have a belief that everything we are isn't of our own doing, the ego convinces us that it should take the credit. It reasons that, after all, IT accepted the understanding that everything isn't of our doing. It convinces us that we are successful because the ego made the "choice" to accept that understanding, and that the decision provided our success as a consequence. There is, therefore, no escaping the fact that no matter what we do, or what we believe, the ego tries to take credit for everything that has happened in our lives that we feel good about, and claim that everything negative is not it's responsibility.

When a man begins his slavery training, the ego is denied. A slave is not allowed to use the words "me" or "I". A slave begins to experience that he has no control, and no rights over the use of the body that he lives in. he learns that even the feelings, thoughts, and body sensations that are produced by another man are not his to allow, to create, or to escape. A slave's only "right" is to obey. That might be fun, and even erotic, for awhile. This is, after all, exactly what the slave has been seeking.

After four to six sessions, the ego begins to understand that this isn't for play, and that if this continues, it won't be given the opportunity to take credit in the future for all that has happened. It senses that eventually it will not even be a participant. The first serious pause regarding being trained to slavery marks the end of Phase I. Phase II begins with a renewed sense of commitment, if a man decides to continue, and it ends with BIRTH.


It is important to understand that these "ego displays" are not a negative activity. It is as critical to the training as any part. It gives a man an opportunity to understand the nature of the ego. That will be valuable, in slavery, when dealing with the "egos" of the world which the slave will come to serve through every professional, social, familial, and other encounter that he will ever experience for the rest of his life.

Men who are meant to be slave are generally, by their very nature, very caring and giving people. They usually have developed a personal generosity and learned the pleasure of giving. When such a man experiences the brutal ugliness of his own ego, usually directed against the man he is depending on for the fulfillment of his most cherished dreams, his SlaveMaster, he starts to understand the divisive, insidious nature of the ego. That prepares him to understand what might be motivating those he will serve in the future, through slavery. He will be able to serve them better because of the experience.

As in the old TV ads for E.F. Hutton, when a slave speaks, people should go silent, turn their heads to hear clearly, and listen. There is a reason a slave can look a man in the eye and convincingly tell that man what the truth is. That reason is, a slave knows the truth. One of the ways he knows the truth, is through the dramatic and challenging experiences he had during his slave training, including these encounters with the ego.


The ego is the most creative, and clever, when it is protecting itself. It will stop at nothing, to first try to get the SlaveMaster to call off further training. Next, it will try to convince the man in training that it isn't wise to continue. The ego remembers everything the SlaveMaster has ever said, interprets the answer to every question as having been a promise or of containing intentional deceit. Given the evidence, the logic that the ego uses to make its case is so obtuse that the youngest child would instinctively question the inaccuracy of the conclusion. Even the most intelligent and well educated men are no more immune to this convoluted thinking than any man who has experienced becoming slave. Every trainee experiences some of the worst logic that he has every heard from anyone, and then, finally, realizes that the logic came from his own mouth!

The ego is so ugly, that it is even willing to offer taking one's own life as a better alternative than subjugating itself to another's will. The unthinkable, and the unbelievable happens. Worst of all, it happens from within the man who wants to become slave. That can cause him to question his worthiness to become a special, protected, and cared for creature of the universe; to be personally directed through life, either directly or through his SlaveMaster. he will become one of the universe's own, trusted with sensitive knowledge powerful enough to devastate humans if misused. A potential slave questions, "Can a man with such an ugly ego become the pure, honest, unselfish creature a slave is?" Of course, he can. That's why he is being trained. If a man could just decide to be BORN slave, he would already be, and the training would be unnecessary. The trainee who witnesses his own ego, is forced to ponder the question.


During those hard, messy times that the ego is being itself, some men conclude that they are not willing to make the life changes that are necessary. Those changes include giving up bad relationships, halting the process of manipulating others to achieve their objectives, the freedom to "exaggerate" at will, and the willingness to continue at jobs that are clearly inappropriate. It is simply "too much" to give up, for some. men who tell me they don't want to continue, usually do so emotionally, with tears in their eyes, torn apart inside by the conflict of what they are deciding. They understand the impact and implication of the decision they are making.

Some cover the emotions of regret, and the feeling of not being worthy, with righteous indignation. Others try to explain their gratitude to protect them from any explanation that they think the SlaveMaster might try to give them. In fact, the last thing that a SlaveMaster wants to do is to give any additional truth to a man who is going to have to rationalize what he is doing, to be able to live with himself. To say anything more when a man has decided to continue to be human, instead of slave, would only add to his burden to reconcile what he has done. Deep feelings, given opportunity, and then denied are extremely difficult for the ego to accept. Mostly, it has to be, again, someone else's fault.

It is unwise to take everything a man IS, away, and THEN give him the chance to decide if he wants to be slave. A man must be able to get back to the life he had before, until he is BORN. BIRTH is a spiritual process that requires everything being in place before it will occur. Before BIRTH, through training, however, a man gets a glimpse at what it will be like to be slave. Giving a man that knowledge, without the chance to decide if he truly wants slavery, is an unfair thing to do. A slave in training must have the opportunity, between sessions, to examine, explore, question, and understand what is happening to him. With that "bleaching" time, a trainee has the chance to acquire the knowledge and insight that is needed to decide on whether or not he will submit to the next session.


A session is, as a minimum, an evening of intense physical S/M, a night, and a morning of lighter activity, closed by a short debriefing. During that time, a man is treated like the man he wants to become, a slave. It is a period of no control. Certainly, the human tries, over and over, to act like its all just an act, and that it can always quickly go back to the human life it is used to living. In the beginning, it is true that a man can absorb what has happened and return to the life that he has had. With time, however, new experiences begin to appear.

A slave in training might experience an energy that he hasn't felt before, even if previously exposed to very heavy and successful S/M experiences. he might sense a feeling of being "disconnected", like he's not quite a part of himself. Unexpected feelings and sensations appear. The body might start to respond in ways that aren't normal for it. It becomes clear that something is happening. It has several times been explained that feelings are coming from "a very deep place." The body, to some, seems to act like it doesn't take its direction, any more, from the ego that is used to having control over it.

The new awareness is subtle, and often associated with some feeling of concern or of "strangeness". It isn't the pure erotic feeling that was fantasized when imagining what it would be like to be slave. The imagination, during fantasy, usually concentrates on life as a slave, not the process of becoming slave. Some men don't know there is a difference. The difference is between ACTING like the man you want to be, visualized during the fantasy, verses BECOMING the man you want to be, and then simply acting according to the nature of slavery.

The discomfort is what starts a man thinking about what is going on. No matter what we fantasize, everything in that fantasy is always under the control of the man who is thinking it. Even the feeling of not being in control, is under the control of the one doing the imagining. Only the reality of a session can produce the real experience, and conclusion that the slave trainee isn't controlling. The reality is more like the feeling of being in a strange place, than like the "hard on" experience that fantasy produced.

That which had produced the "hard on" in the past, begins to change. Experiences that were considered the "I would never do" type, become more and more attractive as the sessions progress and the slave growing inside begins to replace the human. The most erotic activities, either real or imagined, that the man before his slave training felt were his "turn on's", become just another activity that pleases his Owner, without the special importance that the ego gave it in the past.

Only the ego judges and evaluates. Only the ego says "been there, done that." As the human, with its ego, is weakened, the spirit of slavery, with its true nature becomes the only nature of the slave man. Finally, at BIRTH, that slave nature produces the only characteristics which remain. The man becomes slave.

The physical S/M activities that produce the reality become the attraction, and the challenge at the same time. Each session, must be absolutely, creatively different from any other session, at any time, with any man, that has occurred in the past. The specific activities cannot be planned for. Any attempt to recite anything that has been said in the past, or to repeat any pattern that has been successful before, comes off as being flat, rehearsed, and insincere. Most important, it ends up being ineffective at producing the real experiences which force a man out of his controlled human activities, and provides the new experiences which allow him to evaluate his slavery, and to learn what it is. A slave is naturally defensive at not being in control of those new feelings.


For the SlaveMaster, the "dye" process works when He is a witness to what He is doing. The pattern, the words, the intensity of the process must come from outside Himself. The experience given to the slave must be created from an objective standard which the slave has agreed to experience. How the slave reacts cannot change the input of the activity. The experience input must remain the inspired pattern that is present and unique to that one session.

The "dye" formula is a set one for each single session. What reaction occurs during the session, even whether pain is experienced, is in the nature of the man being trained. The fabric of the trainee's being, his personality, and his past experiences determine the reactive course he will follow, and how he will respond to each pressure applied. Any variation from the "dye and response" formula prevents it from being a slave-building experience. That isn't to say that it won't be a good experience. It might even be a "peak" experience, but it won't be a slave making experience.

The experience cannot build slavery if a slave feels, even in the slightest way, that his reactions are having an effect on the input of the experience. When the trainee's reactions, or lack of reactions cause the man providing the experience to either increase or decrease the intensity, the man being trained knows that he is controlling.

When someone being trained is aware that he is influencing the experience, he does two things. First, he begins to control more, to either make the S/M experience more intense or less intense, to vary it so that he maximizes the experience he expects. Second, and far more important, as he accepts slavery, he begins to feel like he is sitting out on the same limb with the trainer, as it is being sawed off. he, therefore, avoids those experiences that will cause the slave to grow.

The "letting go" experience is like sitting on a branch, and sawing that branch away from the trunk of the tree. A reasonable man will do that only if he knows that something or someone is going to protect him from the fall. Letting go includes letting go of reacting to the experience. When that reaction is the only thing that is influencing the S/M intensity, he can't afford to let go, he must continue reacting to continue the experience. A slave, to grow toward his slavery, must know that the experience he is being given is independent of him, so that he is truly free to react, knowing he won't influence the experience. Otherwise, it is like being a passenger in a car being driven by someone blind, with the need to give constant directions. That passenger cannot feel free to react, cannot sleep, cannot read, cannot take his mind off the experience. The driver must be continually directed by the passenger, even though the passenger is doing none of the driving itself.

Slavery develops only when a trainee's mind is not on the process. It takes all the concentration a man has to examine and locate his honest reactions. It takes absolute faith in the "driver" to allow himself to be distracted. He needs to know he is being taken care of by someone else, who is not "asking" him what to do next. Asking and listening is precisely what the top in a successful S/M experience does.

Some tops require the bottom to loudly declare "More! More!" or "yellow light". A good top listens and looks for very subtle clues for his direction. When a slave knows that the trainer is "listening" to him for clues about what to do next, it is exactly like sitting on that branch with the trainer, sawing off the limb, and having the branch fall with both of them on it. That would constitute a failure as a slave growth experience. The objective, and the process being described here is not an S/M experience. It is a slave development experience in which there is an inspired, objective standard, not subject to change by the subjective reactions of the one being trained.

A slave is giving, in an absolute, real way, everything he is to another. If the other is responding to the slave who is giving himself away, it becomes a reciprocal relationship. Each is depending on the other. Who is in control, then? The answer is that no one is in control then. No man in his right mind would give up control of himself when there isn't some independent framework and intention present who can accept that control. Further, why give it up, if the new control isn't better, isn't stronger, than the self control was. It certainly can't be better if it is "listening" to the old controller to determine what to do. Again, different objective, different purpose, different criteria than that for an S/M experience.

That total acceptance, surrender, and obedience is the scary part of becoming slave. It can't be faked and it can't be given away, then taken back. The mind knows when it was "just kidding" or acting "just for now." The mind cannot be fooled into thinking it is giving absolute obedience when it knows that it isn't. Absolute obedience is what connects the slave to that new controller, his SlaveMaster. It has to be real to have any effect. If it is real, then it is permanent and unqualified.

The "slaves..." article explained that there can be no code words used. That again creates the "both on the limb that is being sawed off" experience. The dichotomy, the serious decision, that faces the slave, is either giving unqualified trust to allow the real process, or withholding trust and preventing the process from occurring.

The "dye" process must be very careful, it must be loving, it must provide the power and caring that the man used to provide for himself. It must begin slowly, be done for the slave, be in his best interest, and done only to provide slavery. It must be done without selfish intent. Any compromise from any of that, and slavery will not be developed. Again, that doesn't mean that it cannot be a wonderful, notable, and outstanding experience. It simply means that the transfer of ownership, that signifies growth toward BIRTH, doesn't occur. When any of the conditions are missing, the man being trained does not really and permanently become a part of the Man's body who is providing the experience, he doesn't grow toward BIRTH.


SlaveMasters provide BIRTH to men who permanently become a part of them, they provide the "dye dipping" experience. Masters own slaves who serve them, and manage their slaves' lives on a day-to-day basis, for so long as the Master chooses. slaves have Masters and slaves have SlaveMasters. slaves with a SlaveMaster usually have a Master as well. Each is a different role and each can excel at his own role without even being good at the other. Only coincidentally, might a Man be both a slave's Master and his SlaveMaster. Normally, each role will be served by a different Man because of the difference in interest and motivation that is required by each role.

A SlaveMaster's motivation is different from a Master's. A SlaveMaster's pleasure comes from the honest expression of who the slave is. It comes from activity, not of the man, but of the slave inside. A slave does not please his SlaveMaster by knowing the SlaveMaster's interests, but by not being his human self, and instead, by being the slave animal his SlaveMaster has given him to be.

A Master's pleasure comes from having His needs fulfilled. A BORN slave does that uniquely well by having no self interest, because he has given that to his SlaveMaster. A slave is, therefore, free to uncompromisingly fulfill the pleasure of the Master, and derive his own pleasure from the pleasure given, just has he has learned to do through becoming slave. A Master and His slave are free to indulge themselves in the reciprocal experience of deriving pleasure from giving the other pleasure. The slave cannot "lose" himself because he is an independent part of another, his SlaveMaster, resolute in his self image and identity as being a part of another. A slave is capable of the unqualified giving explicitly because he is a part of another who protects his slavery, provides growth to it, and is dedicated to the best interest of that slave.

The slave cannot be threatened by any honest expression of who he is, when serving a Master, because his identity does not depend on the Master, it depends on his SlaveMaster. When a man is being trained, each growth threatens to end the relationship because of the ego questions that have been discussed. Can a Master who is enjoying the relationship he has with a slave trainee who fulfills the Master's needs, find the courage to risk all of that relationship with each session that takes the slave closer to his BIRTH? It would be difficult, and feel compromising.

The longer a relationship between two men has existed, the harder it is to risk that relationship for the unknown possibility of giving a man his slavery BIRTH. Particularly if the potential trainee is already serving as His human slave, and fulfilling His needs, why upset the "apple cart" when things are already so good? At the same time, with each session, more risk is required. To push a man closer to his slavery, as training goes on, all of the ego and other conflicts become more focused. More and more emotion is experienced, more sense of permanence, and less opportunity for control. So, as there is more relationship to loose, there is the need for more risk to be taken, to produce BORN slavery.

Particularly in this era of instant gratification, a slave wants to become slave overnight, without wasting time going through the "dye" and being bleached by the sun process, before once again being returned to the "dye". A Master wants a slave who submits as slave, who knows what slave is and always acts accordingly. A Master wants a slave who only needs to learn his unique rules and needs to be able to serve him perfectly. That's not the way it works, unless the slave has already received his BIRTH, before being assigned to the Master..


This is a real world. Whether a man should become slave, is the biggest, most permanent and important decision that he will ever make. Can he make that decision during the hour it takes to respond to an ad, to a Man who clearly has indicated that He retains the right to end the relationship at any time if the slave isn't right or doesn't "work out"?

slaves are BORN to slavery only by exposing themselves to the "dye," That exposure must be done with One to whom the slave can trust his life, for the rest of his life, REGARDLESS of what that life is going to contain. Coincidentally, once BORN, a slave might serve the Man who gave him his slavery, either temporarily or long-term. Always, though, a BORN slave remains ready to live as, and with Whom, his SlaveMaster decides.

The SlaveMaster has no choice regarding what He must order a slave to do. Each choice must be in the best interest of the slave. It cannot reflect His own self interest. A slave can only be BORN to One who has internally sworn to the universe that He will act ONLY in the best interest of the slave, forever, without question, and without compromise. That is an absolute necessity for a man to yield who he is to another, to be BORN. This is a real, and natural process. No person determines what works and what doesn't. It is in the nature of the creature being BORN. It is non negotiable, it is un-modifiable and immutable. There are no "work around's", and no way to "fool" any of the process.

The "dye" is the reality of being slave, dipped one session at a time, exposed through the power and caress of leather devices, that supply the energy that creates slave, from the seed placed in a man, and already there during his genetic birth. The ego doesn't have the capacity to accept being slave. slavery must be given. A man must have the freedom between sessions to decide if he still wants to receive that gift of slavery. That time of freedom is the "exposure to the light of day" that confirms the reality of slavery and a man's commitment to it.

slavery isn't real if a man can decide to be slave. If a man could decide to be slave, he could decide not to be. Obviously, that is a conflict. The only decision for a man being trained to BIRTH occurs between sessions while deciding whether to arrange for another session. A man can only decide if he wants to continue the process which makes him a slave, not whether he will be slave.

Further, no amount of wishing will change what he must go through to be slave. Be assured, however, that he will go through everything that he needs to, to be worthy and capable of being slave, and that growth will occur almost entirely, only from that which he doesn't expect to experience or to have happen. What the ego can anticipate, it can control. What it can control, is not a slave growth experience.

The "dye" and the sun that make a man a slave, are uncontrollable. When two men, a Trainer and a trainee, both dedicate themselves to the single purpose of creating the yellow cloth and to use the processes necessary to achieve "yellow", without compromise, without selfish intent, and without the desire to modify the process to suit themselves, it works every time. Make up your own formula, use your own preferred methods and you may create a exciting and wonderful experience, but it won't produce BORN slavery, nor growth toward it.


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