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This website has as its only intention BORN SLAVERY. All the discussions, the answers to questions, the advice and objectives all assume the subject is BORN SLAVERY. That can be confusing if the difference isn't clearly understood. It is easiest to begin with what BORN SLAVERY is, and then the comparison to what it isn't will be easier.

BORN SLAVERY is a community of those who are in pursuit of their destiny, period. Any other interest or pursuit is something else.

Destiny can only be acquired after we each qualify ourselves to be ready to accept what our creator intended for us. First of all, we are qualified only after we have learned everything we need to learn, have experienced everything we need to experience, and failed at everything we need to fail at to make us willing to accept the truth.

Next, if we are still struggling with the existence of a Cosmic Consciousness, or Universal Intelligence, or of God, by any name or title, we aren't ready to accept ITS plan for us. Until we believe that there is Someone or Something that is qualified to create a plan for us, we certainly are not prepared to accept that plan.

Two-year old's, five-year old's, 15-year old's, 20-year old's are not qualified to accept their destiny. Until both the personal and spiritual development are in place, have been accomplished, no one is qualified for their destiny.

Therefore, there is a time BEFORE which and AFTER which we are ready to accept destiny. BORN SLAVERY is ONLY for those who are both ready to accept their destiny, and those who have been given the destiny of slavery, the created purpose placed inside by our Creator. When either condition is missing, BORN SLAVERY isn't even a consideration, let alone a possibility.

If we accept as true that some are conceived as slave, before birth, and that we cannot accept that slave destiny until we are both personally and spiritually ready, there must be a time and something we must do in between birth and BIRTH.

When not pursuing BORN slavery, anyone who aspires to achieve the relationship of slavery instead must personally:

• Identify the personal SM and other experiences he must have to become qualified as slave.
• Research and select those who will provide the experience
• Know the career or profession the potential slave has, and its requirements
• Select the geographic area in which that career or profession must or should be practiced
• Identify current geographic, financial or other constraining responsibilities
• Schedule and submit to the slave training necessary
• Develop some personal methods of testing for adequacy in all areas of slavery
• List the life requirements that must be negotiated from a potential Master
• Develop the interview, selection technique and criteria for the Master
• Select the "casting call", advertising methods from which to identify potential candidates
• Perform the interviewing and selection
• Contract for time limits, termination arrangements, and life requirements
• Consider and discuss enforcement options, since there is no legal bondage
• Implement the arrangement
• Periodically review the relationship's progress and success for modification or possible termination

Nothing less is acceptable if a man is going to be responsible for his life, and is going to live responsibly. If all the above isn't done, then the potential slave will depend on what the Master offers and then criticize, silently or out loud, whenever the expectations aren't met.

When a slave doesn't have a strong enough sense of his own needs, or is willing to discard them in lieu of the Master's needs, the Master will eventually feel as though the slave doesn't have sufficient value to justify all the time and attention that a slave requires. When the slave acts as though he doesn't have value, the Master will soon feel the same way about the slave. If the slave, however, does constantly manage his life within the framework of the relationship he will always risk being too "pushy" or un-slave-like, and thus offend the Master. It is a narrow line to walk.

Someone has to vigilantly remain responsible for the "soul," the purpose of the slave. Masters normally are interested in their own needs. That's as it should be. It takes a lifetime to identify and fulfill our needs, Master or not. A Master is no different in that regard. Either the slave or his Owner must take full, and lifetime responsibility for the purpose of the slave.

If the slave abandons his needs for the Master's, he is abandoning his own purpose. The slave can only abandon his own personal needs, and give up the management of his own life if the following conditions exist simultaneously:

The slave gives unqualified obedience to the one who will become the Owner
The Owner accepts, intends, and has vowed to implement the slave's purpose
That Owner has NO limitations in time or responsibility for the slave
It is clear, and stated, that both are ONLY in pursuit of their created purpose
ALL egotistic wants or needs are abandoned for the created purpose, for their destiny.
It is both the slave's and the Owner's destiny to perform their respective tasks
When you're asking questions about BORN SLAVERY, you're not asking questions about slavery, the relationship. Most try to force them to be the same question, but they aren't and can't be.

If you feel that slavery is your destiny, then nothing can be more important, and there is nothing that can be withheld, negotiated for or protected from the process. Any exceptions and, by definition, you are eliminating the destiny of slavery from your pursuit. This simply is the way it is, and the way it must be. Read the description of anyone's destiny, and they all reflect the same requirement. It is always a destined vs. egotistic pursuit. Either the Creator or the ego wins. The two paths will never cross, will never coexist, and will never both be the result of the same pursuit.

It takes maturity to recognize when we aren't yet ready to accept our destiny. We're ready when we have established basic values and ethics, and accepted a spiritual explanation of what things are and how they work. We are ready after we have achieved the greatest egotistic successes we have ever had.

Unless we are emotionally, financially, socially, intimately, familially, and physically successful, we will suspect that the "thing" we're still missing is one of these egotistically-achieved items. We have to have everything the ego can deliver to us to know for sure that there is still something missing that the ego cannot provide. That's when we are ready, and prepared to accept our destiny. Whether or not that destiny is slavery doesn't make any difference in the qualifying to being destiny. It's still the same recognition. The only difference is what we recognize as the solution to fulfill that which is missing.

Are you already developed and ready to give responsibility for yourself to someone who will accept being your life-long Owner?
Are you still developing yourself and may or may not give responsibility for yourself to someone else after you are ready?
Are you not willing to ever give responsibility to someone else because it is important for you to hold on to any particular part of your life?

You either are or aren't created to be slave.
If created to be slave, you either are or aren't yet ready to begin development of your destiny because you are still developing egotistically.
If ready to develop your destiny, you either are or aren't prepared to abandon your egotistic attachments that prevent it.
When you are: 1) created to be slave, 2) already egotistically developed, and 3) are ready to invest whatever it takes, without egotistic limitation, you are in a position to consider BORN SLAVERY. If any one of the three is not yet determined or achieved, then a relationship is all you are capable of considering right now.

Relationships are one of the most effective schools of learning. Relationships are highly recommended, and would probably even be advised for someone still in their development to achieve the maturity necessary for BORN SLAVERY. Relationships are not something that should be avoided.

What needs to be clear when entering into and while maintaining a relationship is that the slave is still responsible both for the creation of the relationship and the success of the relationship. If your plan is to make the Master responsible for that, you are only entering into a victim role where you are free to object and to criticize. Such a plan is doomed to failure.

You never lose responsibility for your life nor what happens in it until someone else permanently accepts that responsibility with the sole intent of implementing your destined, created purpose.

Closing your eyes won't make anything any different. You are responsible for your life, or someone else who feels at least as much responsibility for you as you have ever felt for yourself has assumed that responsibility. Both can never be responsible at the same time. There should never be a time when neither is responsible. Holding your eyes closed tightly can't make the predictable results of abandoned responsibility any better.

Every life is an important asset. It's worth is lost if you exchange your personal responsibility for a conceived objective, a fantasy. Fantasies are not real. Your life is. What you do with it is your only purpose. When BORN SLAVE, some day that purpose must come from your Owner who alone can feel what that purpose is and know what to do with it.

If destiny were easy, we'd all be living our destined lives by the time we left our teens. If BORN SLAVERY were easy, all destined to be slave would already be BORN SLAVE.

Approach life with your eyes open. Go through the relationships, careers, locations, and everything else required to know who you are, for sure. Then approach your destiny with abandoned energy and commitment.

Few will ever achieve their destiny, mostly because they don't know they're capable of it. Few of those who will achieve their destiny are destined to be slave. That achievement is the singular purpose of BORN SLAVERY.

We are each created with a special purpose. We are each designed to achieve that purpose. Our biggest limitation is that it doesn't look like what we want it to look like. When you decide that what you want and what it looks like isn't important, your destiny becomes a probability, more than a possibility. We're designed only to fulfil our destiny. Achieving our destiny is the only activity that isn't contrary to our nature. It is the most efficient activity we can perform.

Life works well when we accept the truth. Failures are clues about what isn't true. Don't resist the lesson of the failures. Change what you believe to be true so that you don't have to repeat the failure.

Our Creator's investment in us is fully realized only when we achieve our destiny. We have powerful forces and influences on our side when we're willing to believe the truth instead of what we want to believe. Protecting our ego is a high price to pay. Some day we will each recognize that it is too high a price to pay. That day can come sooner or later. That day can come in this life time or another. But, have no confusion on this point, that day will eventually come. If you are slave, that day will be the day of your BORN SLAVERY.


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