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By SlaveMaster


Some men are born to be slaves. Some men are meant to be born again, as slaves. There exists a natural development process that prepares a man, and ultimately provides him a BIRTH to slavery. The BIRTH of a slave "frees" a man to experience all the joys, pleasures, strength and pride of slavery. The BIRTH is the beginning of a man's permanent and very legitimate life, and lifestyle, as a slave. Physical S/M provides the energy, along with the motivation and the "truth," that causes a man to be BORN a slave. A BORN slave knows, forever, that he is a slave, and never again has to remember, or be reminded, that he is one.

The special men meant to be slaves sense the need to serve at an early age. Others, through frustration, developed over the years, know that their lives just don't make sense when they aren't functioning in slavery, in service, in a special and designated way. Most of us have already demonstrated our knowledge or interest in slavery by reading this magazine. Some compelling force, inside, causes our attraction to slavery. The mores, the culture, of our present-day society don't, however, recognize slavery as a legitimate pursuit.

A slave is a completely separate and distinct creature on earth. It isn't a human who acts like a slave. The slave animal has characteristics unique to, and in common with, only other slaves. they possess characteristics which aren't (and can't be) trained into a man, but which are present in all men who have been BORN a slave. Training only discovers the slave within, it doesn't create it, and it doesn't define it.

A lack of understanding or knowledge of the true nature and existence of these special animals, who are slaves and no longer human, has caused men meant to be slaves to seek and submit to all sorts of experiences. Some have been fortunate to find a caring Master who has instincts about the potential and value of a slave. Many have exposed themselves to very unfullfilling or dangerous circumstances that don't develop who a slave really is.

This is about the real and complete process by which a man permanently gives up being a human to be something better, BEING BORN A SLAVE. This is for the man for whom "acting" like a slave is not enough. This is the process by which either novice or well-trained slaves find their full, final identity that distinguishes them from all the rest of the men in the world, and supplies them with invincible self-esteem that is virtually unequaled by other men.

slavery BIRTH is a natural, growth process, based on S/M, that redefines who a man is, how he thinks, and how he lives. Just like being gay, some men are born to their genetic parents, meant to grow up and destined to be slave. To become a slave animal, replacing the human animal, a man must be BORN a second time,. This time, however, there is only one "parent", the SlaveMaster. Just as you can have only one natural father, a man can only be born to one man who is forever his Owner. The relationship formed at BIRTH between a slave and his SlaveMaster is life long. The BIRTH is no less eventful and dramatic than the original genetic birth. This slave training and BIRTH process is the ultimate step for a man serious enough about himself and his slavery, honest enough with himself to accept who he is, and courageous enough to do something about it..

BORN slavery is for the man for whom life is incomplete without the permanence of slavery. There are some very good "performance" slaves in this world. These men, through mutual consent, or by contract, have agreed to take on, accept a role of slavery. Those who take the role seriously, allow their attitudes to change over time, to become slave-like. That makes a man valuable and worth owning. Performance slavery probably plays a valuable place in our S/M society. It allows for slavery that can be on-again, off-again. It allows for Masters to take a slave and abandon him at will. It allows for slavery one night at a time. Some men want to confine their activity to predetermined circumstances such as these. Certainly, no criticism is intended for such men. Any man who is willing to accept the role of a slave, under any circumstance, is worthy of note. Such men are very endearing, and typically very caring, and pleasurable.

When a man is BORN, however, he gives up being human. he becomes something far superior to who he was when burdened with human limitations. he becomes SLAVE. A slave cannot become slave, without someone to be a slave to, just as no child can be born without parents. A BORN slave is born to his SlaveMaster. A SlaveMaster cannot be a SlaveMaster without slaves, and a slave cannot be a slave without a SlaveMaster. It must be a permanent and continuing relationship, even more critical than a child's relationship to his parents. It is far more intimate, and a slave never outgrows the relationship. The benefits continue to expand over time. Similarly, no matter what a child does with and during his life, security, identity, and strength continues to be derived from his parents, with knowledge of their love and support throughout life. For a slave, the SlaveMaster is that continuous source of strength and guidance, and much more!

A BORN slave lives every second of his life with the self image of "slave." The slave's security comes from having a "family" to which he will always belong. Some performance slaves are lucky enough to have long-term Masters. They can develop the same sense of self-identity over time, but still can be sold, exchanged, or simply dropped if the Master so decides.

By comparison, a SlaveMaster owns the slave for so long as He lives. A BORN slave may be assigned by his SlaveMaster to serve another, who becomes his Master, but he serves the Master in service to his SlaveMaster. More completely than owning property, a slave is owned in the same way that the SlaveMaster owns His own hand. A slave is a part of the SlaveMaster's body.

Every aspect of the relationship between a slave and his SlaveMaster is absolutely and identically the same as that between a man and his body. The slave takes his identity from his SlaveMaster. The SlaveMaster expects the same obedience from His slave that He does from His hand, and as He would from any part of His body. The SlaveMaster cares for and identifies with the slave, as He does His own hand, and would never do anything with His hand, or His slave, that is not in its best interest.

Likewise, the slave provides his SlaveMaster with information, just as the SlaveMaster's hand would provide information that the hand receives. However, in the same way as a slave, the hand would not, and can not, question what a Man does with His own hand. Nor is the hand functional if given away. The bond, and the relationship, is permanent, and for life.

When slaves are BORN, they are made clear about their purpose and destiny in life. It is part of the gift of slavery. Two of the first three slaves BORN to me were assigned to other men, their Masters. Those two slaves have lived with those Men, and have been Their slaves. It is what was meant to happen for those slaves at the time of their BIRTH. However, life's circumstances can and do change over time, and what is to be done with a man who is a BORN slave, is different for each man.

A SlaveMaster is on the same side as His slave and must know what He is doing. He controls His slave's life. Where a Man and His BORN slave stand together, only one Man stands. A slave is part of his SlaveMaster, in every way. Each order must, therefore, reflect the best interest of the slave, because a slave can never disobey any order. A slave's BIRTH is achievable only because of an internally sworn obedience that has no qualifications, no time-limits, and no exceptions. If a man cannot offer such obedience, he will never be BORN. A SlaveMaster must take that responsibility very, very seriously. In BIRTH, a slave experiences his SlaveMaster's intention directly and knows that he can trust that He will take it seriously, and so offers his obedience, without reluctance.

It is because of this unquestioned control that a SlaveMaster will never be found to have only one slave. The human tendency to let personal needs interfere with the best interest of an only slave, who has sworn unqualified obedience, is too great. Objectivity is possible only when there are alternatives to satisfying the personal needs of a Man who has absolute authority over others.

At BIRTH, a slave is given the power needed to fulfill his purpose and, at the same time, such a strong sense of self esteem and self identity that he never needs to look inward again. When a man knows who he is and what his purpose is, that provides him the freedom to have single focus, full-time devotion to his only purpose, service in slavery. That service could include any profession, any variety of relationship, devotion to genetic, "blood", relatives, friendships, satisfaction of social obligations, and many other forms of service.

BORN slavery is not an escape. It is the putting of oneself in the position that he must obey all orders to do what should be done, without option or argument. It is a letting go of the right to decide to fail. Success in every area of life becomes a requirement, not an option.

WHAT IS THE ACTUAL PROCESS OF BEING BORN TO SLAVERY? It begins with a honest commitment from a potential BORN slave to explore the reality of who he really is. The "birth" experience itself, is dramatic, spiritual, and occurs at a specific date and time in which the permanent union takes place between a slave and his SlaveMaster.

The BIRTH process makes it clear that slavery is how a man must live, and that being a slave is all that he is. The experience is so intense, so real, and so enlightening, that the truth can never again be denied. Until BIRTH, a slave is still only a potential slave because he has the option of not becoming a BORN slave. After BIRTH, that option is not a reasonable one. The denial would have to be so intense that it would have serious adverse impact on a man's life who is trying not to live as a slave after truly discovering and knowing he is a slave.

slave training, obviously then, must be an intense and exacting process. A man must be forced to examine everything he believes, examine his willingness to obey one man always, and without qualification or limitation, for the rest of his life, and to dedicate to a life of absolute honesty without option or opportunity to play the "people games" like manipulation, ever again. The option of self-control is lost once and for always. These are soul-searching questions and commitments that, unsatisfied, prevent BIRTH.

The gift of slavery does not provide any escape from reality, a place to hide and run from responsibilities. It does just the opposite. It makes the slavery real, forces a man into the world around us, to serve it and the people in it. It takes away the option not to develop as a man and live in a way that fulfills his destiny, according to his plan and place in the universe.

For those with the courage to explore it, slave training to BIRTH is provided one session at a time. A session is, at a minimum, a drug and alcohol free evening of intense activity, a night, and morning of lighter activity, followed by a "debriefing." Like the process of dying yellow cloth, which is dipped into the dye and then held in the sunlight and the process repeated over and over until the color is adequate, a slave is exposed to his slavery, held up to the light of day, re-examined and again exposed to his slavery during the next session. Drugs or alcohol prevent any real growth or development toward slavery, regardless of the subjective experience.

A potential BORN slave needs only to commit to one session at a time. he cannot commit to more than that because the training needs to be free of code words or any limitations. When such things are used, they cause a habit of thinking that absolutely prevents slave BIRTH. The only opportunity a man is provided, therefore, to change his mind about being trained to BIRTH, is between sessions. It is the only choice he has. There are no choices during the training sessions.

The SlaveMaster, by comparison, has to be committed for life, before the first session begins. If a man agrees to each of the sessions, ultimately each man who begins will be BORN a slave. That gives the SlaveMaster a lifetime responsibility for each man's slavery. Only the man being trained determines whether he will stop before BIRTH is reached.

The SlaveMaster's responsibility is to support everything a slave is intended to do with his life professionally, socially, in relationship and all ways that are revealed during BIRTH. His responsibility is also to the continued growth and health of the slavery itself, apart from and beyond the man who is the slave. Hence the title, "SlaveMaster."

WHAT IS A BORN SLAVE? When a man is BORN, a new identity, with its own energy and personality comes to life. The human man must step aside and let the mind, body, heart and soul that he has been using for years, be given completely and irreversibly to his SlaveMaster and be used, thereafter, by his SlaveMaster, through the slave spirit which will occupy and use the slave from that time forward.

A slave's ego is used only to care for the SlaveMaster's slave when he is away from his SlaveMaster. When he is with his SlaveMaster, all thoughts, feelings and sensations are given to the SlaveMaster and used as the SlaveMaster sees fit. Nothing belongs to the slave, except the slavery, itself, and his SlaveMaster.

The slave spirit is always available to guide the slave through life, as by instinct. At the time of BIRTH, and whenever a slave's SlaveMaster returns him to his spiritual place of BIRTH, only the pure slave spirit is present. At those times. there is no evidence of the man who once lived in the body of the slave. That pure slave spirit will only appear when special circumstances are present.

To begin with, a slave spirit exists only when no conscious activity is present or required. If a slave attempts to form a single English word, even as simple as "yes" or "no", the spirit vanishes. If a slave is required to make a dichotomous (either/or) decision about whether he is to do this or that, the spirit disappears. If a slave is given an order that is unclear, the conscious question about what to do will cause the spirit to go away. It is very particular about the environment in which it will exist. Therefore, the SlaveMaster has no option about what environment must be provided during the training to allow for BIRTH.

A slave spirit will appear only when it knows that its obedience is so complete that if the slave man receives a feeling and is ordered by his SlaveMaster differently, the slave will obey rather than follow the internal feeling. Without that extreme level of trust, where the Owner is trusted more than self, the spirit is not safe to appear.

When a man abandons himself, he needs to know that there is someone who he will absolutely obey who is watching and caring for him even more intensely than he cares for himself. Without that level of confidence, the spirit considers it too dangerous to appear. Absolute obedience is therefore a minimum requirement. The obedience needs to be so complete that even the thought of taking back control is not so much as a possibility. That obedience is the parachute that allows jumping out of the slave spirit "airplane." Without a parachute, the process is mentally suicidal, and will never happen.

When a man, however, has abandoned himself and only the slave is present, that is the pure slave state. When in the slave state, several characteristics are commonly witnessed.

First, there is a tremendous sense of power and peace, a sense of being connected to the universe and not alone, a part of everything that is happening in the world. After the original BIRTH, when taken back by his SlaveMaster, being in that state lowers the heart rate to about half, breathing to less than half, blood pressure so low that the slave must be in the reclined position and minimally bound because there isn't sufficient pressure to supply blood to the other side of the bondage.

Another experience of being in the pure state of slavery, is that all thoughts in the room, and the location of everyone in the room who produces those thoughts, are clear. Even being fully hooded and ear plugged doesn't affect the information a slave is given.

The most universal characteristic of being in the slave state, however, is that the slave can feel no pain. No matter what is done to the slave in the slave state, every touch of a flogger or whip, or any device, is interpreted in a positive way. It is viewed as power, love, belonging, meaning, insight and many other varied things, different and dependent on each experience. Being in the slave state is not an escape from the physical discipline. The slave feeds on it, needs it and wants it.

It is a SlaveMaster's responsibility to return a slave to his slave state periodically to provide the nourishment a slave needs to maintain his rarified, special, and unique existence. For a BORN slave, it takes only from 10-15 minutes to return to that state at the hand and physical discipline of his SlaveMaster, to whom he was BORN. There is nothing tricky or clever needed. For the SlaveMaster, it is an automatic "walk-in the-park" process that requires nothing but the intention to do so.

Being returned to that place of BIRTH, to the pure slave state, is probably the greatest reward of true, BORN slavery. It provides a slave with the unique abilities and experiences that allow him to serve as no human could. During that special time, the slave is replenished, empowered, reconnected, enlightened and strengthened, made proud and powerful, insightful and wise. A slave is freed from all human limitations and restraints, freed from ordinary rules and the need to think and to be responsible, all, so that he can be prepared for the next step in his life. A slave can be granted extraordinary experiences on a regular basis. Some men have dedicated their lives to the pursuit of having such an intense experience even one time. A BORN slave can assume such experiences, at the discretion of his SlaveMaster, the man to whom he owes his BIRTH.

There is no wonder that a BORN slave smiles with a sense of knowing as he goes through the world, dealing with "ordinary" people. A BORN slave has a clear sense of purpose, pride, and of doing what he was meant to do by his creator, that almost no one else in the world can experience. For a BORN slave, extraordinary experiences, fulfilled self esteem, and the paranormal are just a regular thing. Once BORN, having given everything a slave once was to his SlaveMaster seems like a very small price to pay for his BIRTH.

Ironically, however, a slave cannot "want" what he experiences when returned to the pure slave state. A slave can only want, and need, what his SlaveMaster wants and needs. If a slave develops his own want or need, that slave is denied the return to his "special place." It isn't his SlaveMaster's decision not to allow it, it simply is in the real nature of being a BORN slave that prevents it. This process and place isn't created, it is as real and as natural as any other plant or animal phenomenon that we experience in life. It is a process more akin to photosynthesis than to dictatorship.

WHAT ARE THE TRAINING SESSIONS LIKE? When a man is being trained to prepare him for his BIRTH to slavery, every word, every motion, every touch, every bondage, every physical discipline is singularly focused on causing a destruction of the ego and development of the environment into which a slave can and will be BORN.

slaves are trained to never use "I" or "me" because of the ownership they imply and the ego that it introduces into his thinking. Such references are a lie to a slave, because who he is, is another man's slave. It is as silly for a slave to use the reference "I" as it would be for someone's foot to refer to itself as "I."

No code words can be permitted. The use of such things introduce a recurring mentality that remembers what the word is, when it is to be used, and an evaluation of whether or not now is the time to use it. If the training contains it, those thoughts become habits that are present when the slave is otherwise ready for BIRTH. The slave spirit will not appear when this kind of conscious activity is present. Again, BIRTH will be denied.

A trainee is not permitted to ask "permission" for anything. Saying "please" or "may" implies that the slave could want something different from his Owner. That is not possible. Therefore, he is trained to say "Sir, do you wish your slave to...,Sir?" The slave responds with "Yes Sir, Thank You Sir," no matter what answer is given. This shows he is prepared to receive the Owner's intention. The slave is not permitted the use of furniture, clothing, anything electronic, or to sit (on the floor of course) without first determining his Owner's intention.

The slave is taught to "present" (on knees spread apart, wrists held behind the back, head bowed) himself, when he enters his SlaveMaster's presence, and to request intention when he leaves it. The control needs to be absolute, every second, whenever in the SlaveMaster's presence. It is necessary because the slave must habitually know that he is always being controlled completely, in every action, whenever with his Owner, the SlaveMaster. A slave in training must know that he is under his SlaveMaster's control at every moment so that he can assume that to be true when BORN, or afterwards, when returned to the slave state. That constant control will eventually allow the trust that is necessary for BIRTH to occur. During training, the slave can never be in doubt about when he is to make a decision, or when it is his Owner's decision.

Most readers will already know the human body can only sense pressure. Pain and pleasure are the brain's interpretations of that pressure. The same pressure applied through physical S/M can be interpreted by a man being trained to slavery as either pain or pleasure, based on his beliefs and what he needs to experience to be BORN. Physically, the slave must be exposed to "edge" physical discipline, pressures that exceed his ability to handle it. To be able to "handle" physical S/M, all the pressure a slave is exposed to, implies that the man is maintaining control. The trainee must be forced to experience pressure beyond what he can handle, beyond what he can control, so that the control is transferred to another, his SlaveMaster. It forces the slave's mental processes to occur below the conscious level, at the subconscious level where what a man must experience, abandon, acknowledge, or let go of, is known. The training process is not about a slave learning to control more pressure. It's about learning not to control at all! It's about learning to let someone else, his SlaveMaster, do all the controlling. It is very different from the "slow start, transition, mind space/other side" experience of the pure S/M players.

A SlaveMaster is not watching the man being disciplined to determine where he is mentally, so that he can supply the right experience at the right time. The S/M sequence, the pressure, the intensity is directed from the "outside," not by the slave. The "bottom" is still in control if he is being watched for clues. That is, of course, where those silly stories about how the "slave" controls, comes from. It may be true for a bottom in a pure S/M experience, but not for a slave, either BORN or in training to be BORN. A slave knows he does not control.

In fact, it would be an extremely fearful thought for a BORN slave or trainee to believe that he did control. It would be so fearful that it would prevent BIRTH, or return to the state of BIRTH. Being in control would leave no one to protect and guide him when he yields to his pure slavery, at the will of his SlaveMaster. A slave would become dangerously adrift.

There are no games being played here! A slave is whole only because of the absolute will of his SlaveMaster. The last thing a slave would want, would be to be without that will. A SlaveMaster is whole only because of the absolute, unquestioned obedience of his slave. A body is considered dysfunctional when its Owner cannot depend on the obedience of His body parts, including His slaves. Likewise, when a body part, a slave included, cannot depend on the direction of its Owner, the body is dysfunctional.

Being BORN to slavery is not an easy process. A man is asked to yield everything he ever was, is, or wants to be, to another Man. he is asked to live in the body of another Man who owns it, and to give every feeling, emotion, every sensation to its rightful Owner, without question, and to invite every experience, no matter what it might be. he is required to give up the possibility of ever being dishonest again, or to hide anything so small as a thought from his Owner. he is required to use the identity of another, alone, without any of his own, and to possess only one part of himself, his slavery. All credit or criticism for what he does is expected to be turned over to another. he is expected to cherish, cling to and protect his slavery at all cost, because it is everything he is and all that he will be. No other alternatives, no bridges, no escape routes remain. Every past experience, and bad "tape" is open to review at intense physical moments. The hope of self-control is dissolved forever. A BORN slave trainee is mentally asked to sign one, final, blank, check for his life and everything that will happen till the end of it.

The training is a powerful, often disturbing, always real experience. It isn't an erotic cascade of sexual events unhampered by real life. It is a pleasurable experience, otherwise no one would return even for the second session!. Still, only the finest, the truest, and the best men in the world "survive" all the experiences, and are BORN. That is why they are so rare, and to be cherished.

The process itself, can be divided into two phases. The first phase is the first four to six sessions. During that time the subconscious gets a clue, that in lock-step fashion, the ego is on a destructive course. The SlaveMaster is identified as its mortal enemy by the end of this first phase. All potential slaves ask, therefore, for a time to pause and reflect at the end of phase one. Some don't have the courage to continue, usually because of the integrity issues that it is clear will become a requirement. For the dedicated, a renewed commitment is made to continue, one more session, into phase two.

The second phase ends in BIRTH, but the number of sessions varies, based on the human "junk" that must be disposed of before a man can pass through the "eye of the needle" to slavery. Phase two normally takes from six to 15 sessions after phase one has ended.

Students of slavery will recognize some of the mentality that has been discussed here. This magazine's editor has pointed out the "truth" about slavery, from several perspectives, that are consistent with what is observed in BORN slaves. slavery is a real state of existence. Those who are experienced and honest about being slaves, or who have had the chance to be in a performance slave position to a Master over time, have intuitively come to feel some of the "truth" about slavery. A BORN slave lives that truth and has no option to live in any other way.

Being BORN a slave is far more than knowledge and experience of what a slave does. Being BORN is who you are! A BORN slave must give up being human to accept the gift of slavery. It has been said that the good things in life are the mortal enemies of the best things in life. When we consider our slavery, or our slave experiences adequate, there is little incentive to do more, to risk what we already have. A BORN slave is bound to do what he must for the rest of his life, regardless of the consequences. That is a fearful, and too scary a place to be, for many.

Only slave BIRTH, however, for those genetically born to be slaves, can give a man the full feeling that he is doing with his life exactly and completely what he should be doing with it. Regardless of a man's spiritual background, there is a sense of fulfillment, or lack of it, from what we do with our lives. For those with the courage, the dedication, and the willingness to risk, there is an answer to living fully integrated in slavery. That answer, is BIRTH.

There are no finer creatures on earth than men, BORN slaves. They are men you can trust implicitly, who are incapable of selfish or malicious thought. They are men whose only purpose is to make this planet a better one to live on. slaves are not made, they are not contracted, they are BORN!

WHO IS A CANDIDATE FOR TRAINING FOR BIRTH? Whether or not a man is currently in a relationship, including slavery or Mastery, makes no difference. If that relationship is the right one, being BORN will make it a better one. How much experience in slavery or S/M makes no difference, nor does currently having an interest in slavery matter. A willingness to explore and accept the truth is all that is required. Training is based on having mutual interest after a detailed interview. A trainee's commitment can only be to one session at a time and few, if any, demands are made for what happens between sessions, until BIRTH. The truth that a potential BORN slave is exposed to during the training causes all the personal adjustment a man can handle until BIRTH provides the wisdom and power to do what should be done on a continuous basis.

Some men haven't considered being slaves because of the poor misconceptions that many have about slaves and slavery. Candidates include those who feel they are unsatisfied no matter what they do, or try, or what kind of relationships they get into. Candidates also include those who feel that only progressively more extreme experiences can provide satisfaction. If happiness isn't a gift of your current slavery, then the "something more" you might be lacking, may be BORN slavery.


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