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The better question is why you would want to be? When you're a Master you can have a slave who can provide service, in any way that meets your needs. A Master "pays" for that service through His responsibility for His slave's life. As a Master, a man can exchange His responsibility for the benefits of having a slave unselfishly serve Him. There are no additional benefits that come from owning a slave. But, the added responsibility is without limits.

Being an Owner is without limitation, either in time, effort, or level of responsibility. When someone decides to be an Owner, He is committed for life, to the best interests of the slave, for the rest of His life. There is no identifiable reason for wanting to be an Owner, unless being an Owner is someone's destined purpose. The need to be Owner can come only from that deep, spiritual, immutable purpose. Any other motivation will quickly wilt with time.

Further, one outcome of becoming someone's Owner can be the need to assign the developed slave to someone else, geographically separated from you. When you are sworn to the best interests of a slave, then no selfish motivation can be exercised against the slave, including forcing it to live with you. Your investment, even if successful, is likely to walk out the door. The slave needs to fulfill its destiny, what else can it do? An Owner's destiny is to ensure that the slave's destiny fulfilled. What else can He do?

Slave development is somewhere between difficult and impossible to accomplish when a slave is living with its Owner. The requirements for being slave are serious, often overwhelming. The need to examine some very difficult issues over and over dictates the slave have private time away from the Owner. An Owner cannot grant "time out" for a slave living in His presence, because that would pollute and destroy the Owner/slave protocol that is necessary for BIRTH. Once the chance of BIRTH has been removed, then there can be no potential for Ownership, and the whole process becomes a mute issue. At that point the chance for the Owner's return on investment becomes zero.

The prospect is very remote of being a very good Master, who loves, and cares for, and feels a soul connection so great with His slave that He wants to give that slave its destiny of slavery. How can a Master be developing His own life, determining the kinds of relationships, and other living and life arrangements He needs, and also be developing His slaves's life as a first priority? There are human limitations that prevent being clear egotistically and simultaneously being so non-egotistic that you can only feel the slave's needs, above all else.

What is an adequate motivation for being an Owner? The motivation must be that the Owner's purpose can only be satisfied with talents found in others. That purpose has to be achievable only when another performs the required actions on His behalf and for Him. The purpose must require that the action be performed where the Owner cannot be. That purpose must be the Owner's destiny. Any other motivation is insufficient. Being an Owner is a life-time commitment, a commitment made to many, not just one slave. That is a lot of commitment to carry while being a Master is simultaneously determining His own needs, and implementing them.

Another requirement is the number of slaves who must be developed as an Owner. Being an Owner is not a one-slave prospect, any more than building automobiles is a one-car project. Providing a slave's destiny involves accepting the way that life works. Statistically, that is impossible to determine from a single observation. There needs to be many who are pursuing their slavery, many who have quit, many who have made it, and many who are still developing. The mix provides the experiences necessary to become informed and capable, to become qualified to be an Owner. And, being a destined slave isn't about being one on one. A slave's special destiny has only to do with being available for the world, and to serve it. It isn't a private affair. It is a very public affair.

When someone attempts to become Owner to only one slave, then He is putting all His eggs in one basket. The Owner knows the slave must be free to leave at any time. The Owner has to be willing to invest all the unselfish effort, time, and emotion required to supply unlimited direction, with unqualified dedication to empowering a slave's BIRTH, and life. How can an Owner act only in the best interest of the slave when there is no one else to satisfy His needs?

When we know that we are placing all our bets on one person, we try to compromise, to make adjustments, to convince a slave to continue its slavery development even when that isn't in its heart. We reduce the requirements, and protocol required to allow for its slavery. The feeling of being left alone without the person in whom we have placed all our love, investment, and expectations prevents us from acting in the best interest of that slave. We are free to act in the best interest of another only when our own needs are not dependent exclusively upon that one other.

What is the advantage to being an Owner, when you could put your effort into, and find your rewards from being a Master? The only answer must be that you are drawn to it, that you must be Owner to feel your satisfaction and happiness in life. Few ever ask about being an Owner. If, however, you do feel compelled to give your life to the life of slaves, lets discuss what it is like.

Some humans are created with a singular soul, each with their own purpose. Those each independently find, pursue, and implement their individual destiny. Some are created as a set, to share the same soul. In that set are one Owner and the slaves who were created to share that singular soul. The Owner must see His slaves as a part of Himself, no more and no less than He is, because that's the truth. He is so much the same person as His slaves that He is morally responsible for everything they do, once they have accepted and achieved their obedience, their destiny, their BIRTH and their authentic life.

The Owner must have gone through His own discovery of destiny. He must have ended up in a position that He is permanently committed to being the Owner of the soul that is shared, and without any option to abandon it. Then, a permanent oath must be sworn to the Creator, the Source of life, that the Owner will act in the best interest of His slaves, without exception or limit, regardless of the personal effect on the Owner.

When your purpose, destiny and happiness is what you have prayed for, then you must be given experiences that are so traumatic that you would never consider abandoning your role. Any less, and the Universal Intelligence can't, and won't trust you to do your job. Your obedience to the Ultimate Wisdom has to be more complete than that required of any slave. The Universe can't be tricked, so BIRTH will never be granted unless the Owner can be trusted by the Universe, and is therefore qualified to perform His destiny.

The Owner must develop all the techniques necessary to support the intention of giving the parts of His soul the experiences they need to accept not only the moment of BIRTH, but also their destiny. An Owner's destiny cannot be completed without fully developing the parts that belong to Him.

Developing others to their destiny introduces an Owner to being set up as the object of all the anger and disappointment and betrayal that a developing slave must experience to know for sure what its destiny is, and to accept that destiny. While you are developing a slave out of love and a completely unselfish motive, the developing slave will have to treat you like an enemy. An Owner is the worst enemy the ego will ever experience. The Owner must be the chronic, unrelenting enemy of the ego, or the ego will win and the soul will lose. No one has ever accepted their destiny while their egos are still important in their life.

When the Owner is the most loving and accepting, the slave can be the most hateful, disrespectful, ungrateful, resentful, and combative. Every time the ego tries to entice you, as Owner, to anger, you most need to be ready to express unqualified love for the developing slave. If your image and position matter the least bit egotistically, you won't be there to provide the support the developing slave needs. Fail to be there, and you can never be an Owner.

The slave's ego will try to attack when you have the least time to deal with it, or when you are the most fatigued. The slave's ego becomes destructive and creative as the egotistic desperation grows. The more willing and open the Owner is about explaining all the things that a slave never needs to know about its slavery, the more vulnerable He becomes. Questions are asked just to find somewhere to attack. A slave doesn't need to know anything about anything except obedience to become slave. Everything else is unneeded and unnecessary. The only real value the information has is to the slave's ego that feels it must survive supreme and complete. The Owner remains willing to answer to let His slaves know there is an answer and a reason for everything, which assures His continuing vulnerability.

As the superfluous ego's questions are answered, the slave's ego learns what the Owner's weak points are. The slave's ego uses the information it has acquired to become more divisive, and to implement its fits at the most effective time. And remember, there are several slaves with whom you are dealing at the same time, not just one.

If your time, effort, or energy have to be under your control, you can never be Owner. Slave development doesn't occur at "convenient" times, it occurs when it isn't convenient at all.

No one can be turned down who honestly wants to develop its slavery. It would be playing God to decide who could have their destiny, or not. There can be no concern for age, looks, body type, or any other consideration other than the real potential that they might be slave. Your personal reaction to a potential slave can have no bearing on whether or not you will willingly dedicate your life and love to each potential slave, for the rest of your life. If personal independence matters to you, if you feel the need to decide who you like and who you love, being an Owner can't be your life.

As with any destiny, nothing that you want matters. When we accept our destiny, we are accepting that we will do the Universe's work, only. We can't work both for the Universe and for ourselves. It has to be one or the other. Unless the Universe can trust that you will never again try to work for yourself, it won't allow you to become an Owner, IT won't give the success of BIRTH, life and destiny to any slave. IT won't qualify you to be Owner.

For some, what might be the hardest of all is that slave development must be given without any expectation or intention to ever get anything out of the development process. The entire experience must be given as a pure gift. Over and over, and without limit, the gift must be given through the SM and through love, and through spiritual direction until the slave is finally developed. Then, the Owner must take responsibility for the slave in every area in which it obeys, and moral responsibility for everything the slave does for the rest of its life, still given as a gift, without any recognizable benefit to Himself. Further, there can be no expectation nor limitation that the slave would need to live with nor serve its Owner directly, even after BIRTH. The mode must be unselfish, unselfish, unselfish.

Some slaves who consciously achieve their slave destiny will be assigned to serve another as their Master, and might not ever serve their Owner directly. After an Owner suffering all the effort and indignity, the slave could need to serve someone else, or serve somewhere else, walking out with all the resource you have invested. Furthermore, it is then also the Owner's responsibility to teach, advise, and direct the Master to whom the slave is assigned, or any others who come into the slave's destined life. Responsible Masters will also need the Owner's help to accept and execute the responsibilities the Master has for the slave who has been assigned to Him.

The Owner's responsibilities continue. The slave's relationship with an assigned Master is first made and then enforced by the Owner, not the slave. So, you make a man a slave as a gift, then might gift it to another, and then further teach the other to whom it is assigned how to make the slave's life complete, as a gift. All this without personal benefit. Still want to be an Owner?

The development process itself takes from months to years. The responsibility to the slaves' Masters or any others of significance, never ends. The BORN slaves need to be connected with from time to time to assure that their slavery continues to grow. Everything gets more and more demanding, never less.

The only reason that I have personally accepted being Owner is because I have no reasonable choice. It is my life and my destiny, and I wouldn't wish the job on my worst enemy. Nor, would I wish on that enemy what it takes to gain the experience needed to provide slavery to someone. Until it is clear there can be no choice, I can't see why anyone would accept the assignment. It has no perceived personal benefits. It has to be only about serving the Universe. It allows for no time out, and for no personal options. Once an Owner, that's who and what you are.

There is no divorce, there is no way out. Once in, always in. The Universe can't be tricked, and IT can't be lulled into forgetting about us. We can't pretend to be permanently committed, then change our mind. IT has the resource to assure that everything continues as IT intends. When it wants a web page, that's what it gets. When it wants "Path of the Obedient Heart" retreats, workshops, presentations, seminars or personal one on one time, that's what IT gets, regardless of the effort, the exposure, the resource required, regardless of the inconvenience, regardless of the potential for criticism, regardless of its impact on any personal time, regardless of other commitments, regardless of how you feel or of what you would like to do.

If, after knowing this, you are still interested, then it is about getting spiritually clear yourself, learning how to discover and enforce the Truth. An Owner must know that He has no black spot on His soul, because it will infect all of the soul, and the Universe won't allow that. IT controls the infection by refusing to grant BIRTH, by refusing destiny, by denying the purpose of our efforts.

BIRTH, the conscious acknowledgement of destiny, is granted only by the Universe. There is no way to fudge or compromise the process. The Owner's obedience to the Universe, the spiritual world, and each order must be absolute. All egotistic motivation and intention has to be ignored, forever. Each potential and BORN slave takes the first priority on the Owner's life. Personal time is what is left over only after the primary responsibilities are taken care of.

There have to be several experiences, and even more failures, to learn what must be done as an Owner. When you have given your heart, and life commitment to potential slaves, they can still run out on you, usually for a lack of honesty or courage. Over and over they walk off with your heart, even when you know they are a part of you. Being emotionally thrown off the horse, you have to keep getting up again, and remain prepared to get right back on the emotional horse that just threw you off.

With all the gifts you give, in love, and time, attention, and expertise, they react in disrespect and anger at the One who wants to, and is the only one qualified to give them their life, their destiny and their happiness. And, it never ends. The Owner becomes the target for all their negative energy, and the Owner must invite it, because it is honest and necessary to their development.

Emotionally, you are always exposed, and have to learn to be more and more vulnerable. If you cut yourself off from any emotion, then you can't transfer your heart, your love, and your power to another part of your soul, you can't give what is necessary to empower either their development or their destiny.

Being an Owner is a thankless job. The young and the pretty aren't interested in anything so serious as authentic slavery. You have to love everyone that comes into your life, and have no right not to give that love. The more you do, the more you have to do. Once you figure out how to do some aspect of the development process, the Universe raises the bar and forces you out of your comfort zone again, to learn something new, doing something even more uncomfortable. No matter how much you do, it is only the minimum required. There is no glory to bask in, and no one applauding any of the effort.

The most you can ever expect is an occasional kind word, and you can't be vulnerable to being flattered by it, because then you are vulnerable to being hurt when criticism is received, and, most important, will begin to compromise your integrity to attempt to gain the flattery once again.

There is no one in the world that you can talk to about what you are going through, so you are alone with your feelings. There is no one from whom you can get advice. There is no one who can be your close best friend. Most in the world can't even understand what you're doing after you have explained it to them, and few in the world are even interested in listening to the explanation.

Ultimately, our lives are about doing what we were Created to do. If you are an Owner, your connection to life, to love, and to the world will come only from qualifying for and living the destiny you have been assigned.

Nevertheless, there are those who are destined to be an Owner. If you are one of them, and want to be an Owner, let me know, and I'll help as I can, and I'll bless you every day for trying.



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