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One of the most frequently asked questions, and hardest to answer, is how someone can be sure if they are slave. The first part of the answer lies in why we think we might be. It is a question similar to asking yourself if you are gay.

When at first exploring whether or not we might be gay, what we look at is that evidence which causes us to think that we are different from the mainstream. The mainstream is heterosexual. It is only by looking at those differences between ourselves and most others that we can determine if we are different. Originally, we assume that we are like everyone else.

The first evidence we look at when we are exploring whether or not we're gay is usually in the form of who we are the most sexually excited by. If it is men that we feel an attraction for, then we have some information that we might be gay. Psychologists tell us that it is normal to have some "gay" fantasies, to think about it at least, if not have at least one gay experience. All of that can happen, and we can find ourselves still to be heterosexual, instead of gay.

So, we look at other evidence. Do we have interests that are common to those who are like the orientation we are trying to decide that we might fit? Do we have feelings that our friends don't share? Do we have longings that we are afraid to express because we can't observe anyone else experiencing or questioning them?

When a man is a slave, it is common for him to have feelings of being attracted to slavery, or slave-like circumstances, before he has the feelings that he is gay. The slave feelings, from what I have been told directly, came earlier, and are clearer than the feelings of being gay. Some of those feelings are deeply suppressed not only because there is the normal built-in objection to being gay, but also the further objection to all that surrounds the concept and practice of slavery.

Being gay is a sexual orientation. Until we have a sexuality, have reached puberty, we might not have sufficient sexual drive to determine our orientation. Slavery, on the other hand, is more than a sexual drive. It comes from a deeper, broader, and more complex place than our sexuality. After our sexuality has developed, it confirms those slave feelings instead of uncovering them. Sexual feelings are usually necessary to confirm our orientation.

Sometimes, the way that slavery is experienced is from the pleasure of being told what to do. We might be around a friend, a parent, a teacher, or a coach who makes the decisions. We find that we enjoy going along with their decisions. When that feels better than having to decide for both of you, you might be slave. You might just lack confidence, too. So, there has to be a close examination of this feeling to come to an accurate conclusion.

It is common to find that slaves are very good at managing other people, taking care of details, and are good decision makers. It isn't the inability to make decisions that indicates that someone is a slave. It is a preference to have others make decisions about what the slave himself does. It is not, in any way, an incompetence.

It is inappropriate for slaves to question their slavery because of their acute decision-making ability. They have been forced to become very consciously acute, precisely because of their inability to feel their soul from which instinctive direction comes. Until a slave has inherited through obedience the soul by which he must live, he must live in his conscious mind, by his wits. Those wits, alone, can make a slave a good decision maker.

Other slaves, when presented in school with the question about what it is they want to be when they grow up, have difficulty answering the question. The difficulty is legitimate if someone is a slave. You can't be slave and know what it is you want to do, because what you want to do is what you are ordered to do, no matter what that is. The challenge, of course, is finding the right person from whom to accept the order.

Until the nature of a slave is understood, the slave feelings can feel like a lack of confidence. It isn't that at all. The slave is confident that he could do anything well that he is ordered to do. There isn't any doubt about his capacity. There isn't an accompanying lack of knowledge, ability, or belief in that ability. What is lacking is only the clear feeling of what is best for the slave. Some slaves become very diverse in their abilities precisely because they can't feel the one thing that they would most like to be doing. Therefore, they explore many things, and become good at all of them.

From the FAQ on the nature of slavery, you already understand that a slave shares the same soul as his Owner. The Owner holds the purpose, consciously. The slave is created and designed from the ground up to obey, and to be able to obey better than any other creature ever made. What is the most simple, the most straight forward, the most direct, and the most satisfying is having the order, and following it. That is a real and distinctive part of being slave.

A slave is walking around in his Owner's body, using his Owner's mind to think with and heart to love with. A slave has always been using what is and belongs only to his Owner. There has been no choice except to use who the Owner is as the slave's own. All during childhood and adolescence how could anyone with so little development understand and apply being a part of another, instead of belonging to yourself? This concept is plenty difficult as mature adults.

It is important to understand that you don't become convinced that the body, mind, heart, and soul are someone else's. It is important to know that it has ALWAYS been that way, and your path is to 1) prepare to accept it, 2) find who it belongs to, and 3) let your Owner develop Himself inside you. Until all are completed, you can't inherit your slavery.

You know from reviewing the website, a slave furnishes his Owner's raw materials, and the Owner creates a sword out of it, by analogy. The sword has no purpose, nor identity of its own. It is the Owner's sword, and it does the Owner's work. What the Owner accomplishes with the sword is to the Owner's credit, not the sword's. The pleasure comes from knowing that it is accomplishing the Owner's work, His order. It doesn't matter to the sword how it is used. It matters to the sword that it is used exactly as the Owner wants it used.

Because a slave uses the same soul as the Owner, the Owner develops and "forces" the slave to be used only in those ways that the soul is fulfilled, in actions that are only the result of moral certainty, to accomplish only the Creator's intended purpose, without egotistic pollution from either the slave or the Owner. Destiny is about doing the Creator's work. Faith is accepting that when we do, that same Creator will take care of our needs, so we don't have to.

The slave has been responsible for egotistically developing the part that he is of the Owner so that it is prepared to accept its destiny. Make an examination of the feelings that would be normal for someone who is occupying the body, mind, heart, and soul of another. Examine them closely. Determine if you can conclude that those are the same feelings as what you are experiencing. If the same, there is another clue that you are slave. This is probably the most powerful and precise clue about your slavery.

The concept, and understanding of sharing the Owner's soul is not intellectual. It is the way it actually is. You don't have to pretend, and then see what it is like. The real world, since before genetic birth, has been that you are not inside, nor using what belongs to you. Accepting that you are only using what belongs to someone else as the truth makes it easier to see and feel the truth. Just like all information, it is easier to obtain, to witness, and see accurately when you are willing to accept whatever the truth is, instead of limiting it to your expectation of what you would like the answer to be.

Every person has contracted with the Creator, before birth, for every talent, quality, experience and influence that is needed for us to prepare for who we are. Most of those experiences feel negative while we are experiencing them. Nevertheless, they are exactly what is needed for us to be willing to accept our destiny. Being a slave is an unusual destiny. Just because it isn't what we, or most anyone else, could expect doesn't change the validity of the destiny. Having experiences that include, or border on traumatic, force us to remember, to be changed, and have conviction about what was learned from the experience.

The Universe doesn't make any mistakes. It doesn't expose us to anything that isn't absolutely necessary to qualify us for the position the Universe has in mind for us. We can't know what that job is. How could we possibly know whether or not our experiences make sense in supporting our preparation for the job of our destiny when we can't know what the job is?

The preparation time comes to an end when we consciously invite into our lives any new experiences. While preparing, we fought and resisted our experiences. That forced the experiences to be more powerful. If they weren't that strong, we would have tried to find some way around them, minimized their impact, and therefore, reduce the lesson to be learned from them.

Destiny is always about doing only what the Universe wants. It doesn't include anything about what we want, or would like to have. The Universe doesn't even ask what we think we need. That defines complete, surrendered service. That's what slavery is. That's what destiny is.

If the review of what we think we want and need is about what we can define, list, prioritize, and set goals for, we aren't pursuing our destinies at all. Slavery is destiny. If we aren't putting our efforts towards our destiny, we aren't putting our efforts towards slavery.

Just because we call ourselves "slave" in our wants and needs, doesn't mean that we are seeking our Creator's job for us. A slave can't even want to have wants, and still surrender to or accept his destiny. If you can define where, with whom, or under what circumstances you want your slavery, you are defining your egotistic definition of what you think life should be like. It is impossible to define your destiny.

It is important in your journey not to confuse Master with Owner. An Owner is someone you share you soul with, and the person who was given your purpose. To the owner, your talents are required for Him to fulfill His purpose and destiny. To a Master, you are there to serve, in exchange for his taking responsibility for you. To a Master, it is the same arrangement that he has with his car, with added commitment and emotion.

Masters provide necessary development and experience until you are capable of accepting an Owner. Then, Masters manage slaves, once slaves have achieved their destiny. You have a relationship with a Master, your soul contracted before birth for your Owner. Never confuse the two, or will never find clarity. Without clarity, you'll never find your destiny.

The Creator has designed you perfectly for what IT has in mind for you to do. If you then define and tell the Universe how you are going to live, is it any wonder that frustration and disappointment are the result?

On the other hand, if you know that you were designed to be slave, if you understand that there is one person in the world who was given the soul you need to be connected to and from whom you will find and take your purpose, and want only to develop your obedience as your only talent and gift worth giving, then you are probably slave.

Fetishes are appetites that are placed in us to direct our interests and keep us from settling for something that isn't who we are. There is no one fetish that distinguishes a slave. Look, however, at the total range of interests that you have. The nature of those interests, those fetishes, will sketch in a picture of who you are. Every interest will have a legitimate and worthwhile purpose for you when you accept the destiny for which you were designed. If fetishes are used only as entertainment, then they aren't being used in support of your destiny. Entertainment is legitimate, but it certainly isn't the same thing as destiny.

There is only one person for whom you were created. There is only one person in whose body you have been living. There is only one person you have been preparing to give unqualified obedience. There is only one person in whom you can place that unqualified obedience. You can't choose where to place your obedience, any more than any other part of destiny can be your choice.

If you still think that you belong to you, or ever did, then you are either not slave, or still developing egotistically. If the feeling of only being another, who has all the same rights to you and responsibilities for you as he has to himself, is what feels right, then you are probably ready to accept your destiny, and your slavery. If you ARE another, and not yourself, then what you do needs to be appropriate for that truth. Think about it, and think about it.

Your obedience has to be placed in the only one who can know what to do with who you are. Your Owner can't be selected from a buffet because of your egotistic attraction. Your Owner has to be the one His mind and heart, living in you, draws you to. Your Creator will always provide the circumstance for the meeting to occur. The Universe isn't limited to the laws of probability. It doesn't need you to do anything but accept what IT offers when it has presented exactly what you need to be complete.

You will know when you haven't yet accepted the one for whom you were created. Things just won't work as they should. Miracles won't happen to support the process. What you experience won't introduce, or further confirm, we live in a spiritual world operated by a loving Creator. Life will feel either like it is just repeating itself, or it won't satisfy deep feelings, and cravings. You will sense that you are still carrying creativity and talent that is going unused. When that's how you feel, you still haven't found your Owner.

The development process of our species requires that we become egotistically strong and then find the willingness to let go of everything we have achieved to do the Creators work. What makes accepting what is offered difficult is that we are prepared to do so only while the ego is strong. The challenge is having a strong ego and an openness simultaneously. If either is missing, you aren't qualified to accept your Owner, your destiny, or your slave development toward that destiny.

After you accept your Owner, the real work of accepting destiny begins. Then the emphasis shifts from egotistic development to spiritual development. An empowerment for the transition to destiny is begun. All development is accomplished through your obedience, and nothing else. Everything else is simply the Owner's. The only thing worth giving, the only thing of value that can enable your Owner to perform the slave development, the destiny empowering steps, is your obedience. It is the only gift worth giving. It is the only thing you have, that isn't already His, that is of equal value to the prolonged, unqualified, unselfish gift of your slavery He is prepared and committed to giving you.

For a slave, life is filled only with obedience. That is the power, the energy, the right and the responsibility of a slave. It is also what he can do better than anyone else who isn't slave. That is what makes him a special asset to the Universe, and how the Universe intends on using him.

There is nothing for a slave to understand except obedience. Any other understanding is wasted, or for someone else's benefit. All a slave NEEDS to know is obedience. Only the Owner can give a slave the chance, the opportunity to let go of everything else, to surrender, in power, to the truth of the realization that the slave has no purpose but obedience. All other purpose was given to the Owner who lives through the slave.

Destiny is the starting place of your real life, not the destination. Everything before that is merely the preparation for your life. If you know what your destiny is without your Owner, you're not slave. If slave, only your Owner can empower your destiny. That's all that real slavery is about. Are you "you" as your ego would like you to believe, or are you your Owner?

Your Owner gives you your moral life, the one you are destined to have, the one from which you can experience happiness. How much obedience are you CAPABLE of giving for that?

Answer that question and you know whether or not you were created to be slave.

How much obedience are you WILLING to give for that?

Answer that question, and you finally know whether or not you can become slave.


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